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These Root Concealer Tips and Tricks will Save You Time, Money and Stress!

Keep your roots concealed with these tips and tricks!

If you are hooked on dyeing your hair and being able to switch up your color on the reg or are trying to conceal grey hair, you know how high maintenance colored hair can be. Once your roots start coming in and exposing you, it can get stressful trying to hide them! It can also be a pain going to your hair colorist every 4-6 weeks to get those touch-ups.

While we can’t magically make your roots grow in the color of your dye, we can help you conceal those pesky grays or whatever color you’re rocking naturally. We’d like to introduce you to root concealer spray, your new best friend for in between dye jobs.

Let us give you some of our fave root concealer tips so you don’t have to panic and rush to your colorist!

Root Concealer Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

root concealer tips grey roots
Don’t fret about grey roots anymore!

How to apply root concealer

Here are some root concealer tips and tricks to smoothly hide those incoming unwanted colors. These will help you master getting to your next appointment and also give you some more time in between visits to save you some moolah.

Step 1: Start with completely styled hair. You should only apply root concealer once your hair is ready to go for the day.

Step 2: Wherever you part our hair, pull your hair taught so it won’t move and begin to spray your part. We love TRESemmé Root Touch Up Spray for the job. This spray has a beautiful and natural coverage and comes in multiple shades.

Tip: It is key to spray the concealer at an angle (about 45 degrees) and about 6-8 inches away from your head. If you spray close and dead on you will over saturate the area and it won’t look natural.

Step 3: Give the root concealer time to dry so it doesn’t smudge or budge.

Step 4: While you should stick with one part to avoid covering your hair in too much product, feel free to gently spray your front strands, too.

root concealer tips ponytail
You can also use root concealer to snatch your ponytail!

Use your root concealer to perfect your updos too

Root concealer doesn’t have to be just for covering grey roots. We love using this handy product for filling in your hairline when creating an updo. If you find that you have some sparse areas around your hairline that makes it look uneven when creating a tight updo, we’ve got a major hack for you! Once you create your updo of choice, spray or hairline and fill in those sparse areas with our root concealer. This will give the appearance of fuller air and a perfect hairline to match your snatched updo.

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