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Daylight Saving Time is Here and We Need a Faster Morning Routine

Save time in the morning with a quick routine for daylight savings.

It is finally Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 10, and we are so excited to welcome longer, brighter days! Summer is just around the corner (we know, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but winter, we’re over you). Although this change of the clock an hour forward marks a fun change for the future, it can be a tough transition for the first few weeks. It can always be a shock to the body when your alarm goes off for 7 a.m. but it feels like it’s only 6 a.m. With that said, you might be tempted to hit the snooze button a few more times than usual. If you’re one of those people and find yourself running late, then we’ve got some Daylight Saving Time hair hacks on how to cut down on your morning routine. Read on for the scoop:

Save Time on Your Hair Routine with these Daylight Saving Time Hair Hacks

1. Wash your hair the night before.

If you need to wash your hair, we highly recommend that you do it the night before. Not only will taking a hot shower at night help calm you down from a long, stressful day; it also helps lower your body temperature afterwards, making you sleepier. And of course, the best part: You won’t have to get up extra early to wash and dry your hair. (If you’re worried about bedhead in the morning, read on for the products to help you get rid of it in a jiff!)

2. Apply a nourishing hair oil.

Once you’re done with the shower, wait for your hair to air-dry about 15 minutes, and then it’s time to add hair oil. Hair oil is great to apply on damp strands before bedtime, as it helps allow strands to smoothen and soften overnight. Put about a pump and a half of Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil on your strands. Then, best part: Go to sleep!

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Quickly protect and style your hair in the morning!

3. Do a quick fix in the a.m.

Good morning! Whether or not you accidentally overslept (it’s okay, you’re probably not used to waking up to the actual sound of birds a-chirping again), this next step is quick. Spray your hair with some heat protectant—our holy grail right now is Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray and pull out your hot tool of choice. This isn’t a full blown styling session; just a quick once-over with a blow-dryer or straightener to get out a few kinks and you’re done.

4. De-grease with dry shampoo.

Once you get your style mishaps all out, it’s time to remove grease. If you wake up with unwanted oils, you need dry shampoo. Spray a dry shampoo that helps refresh your scalp, with a scent that also reminds you over and over again of springtime, like Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo. This helps revitalize those slept-in strands, while also leaving them smelling fabulous. Happy new season, and go out and seize the day!

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