Beehive Hair: how to get the look

The Perfect Trendy Half Updo for 2016

#NotSoBasic: This normcore look gets elevated to a new level of cool.

Just like every other busy, important girl about town, we have a soft spot for looks that over deliver in style but in half the time and effort. Hair hacks that set a curl overnight while you sleep (love!), products that quickly texturize and refresh on the go (must-have!) and easy hairstyles, like the half updo for 2016, that can effortlessly tie your entire look together (j’adore!)—all these have become a part of our modern-day bags of tricks.

The half updo for 2106 is a peculiar case. Having lost its luster in the grungy ’90s and texturized 2000s, we’ve been seeing this #throwback on many a style star and Hollywood celebrity these days. Needless to say, our inner tween is beside herself with glee.

Both practical and flirty, it’s the go-to hairstyle for gals who want the best of both worlds, who want to work with some feminine softness and length around their shoulders, but need an unobstructed view too.

In case you missed the memo, read on for the best ways to wear the half updo in 2016. Spoiler: There might be hairspray involved!

The Half Updo of 2016

half updo with volume at crown
Wanna level up? Create a middle part and bump up the back for a mini-beehive.

1. Start with freshly-sudsed hair.

You’ll be needing slightly fluffy, airy strands to pull off the look. A wash and care system that gives volume while cleansing, like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo, provides an optimum starting point.


TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner

tresemme beauty-full volume pre-wash conditioner FOP



2. Prep with heat protectant.

Spray hair with a protective, damage-preventing thermal protectant like Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist and rough-dry with a blowdryer on a medium setting. Continue till hair is 85 percent dry.




3. Apply a blowdrying lotion from root to tip.

Unlike mousse, which can leave a crunchy result when not properly emulsified and blown through, modern blowdrying lotions have a softer, creamier formula that gives a more molten look. Choose one with smoothening and plumping properties such as those in Bed Head by TIGI Motor Mouth for a smooth, sexy, voluminous blowout that shines too.


Bed Head by TIGI Motor Mouth Mega Volumizer with Gloss

Bed Head by TIGI Motor Mouth

4. Section off.

Comb product through hair and divide hair into sections: top center, top left and top right, and bottom center, left and right. Secure each with a duckbill or darby clip.

5. Divide and conquer.

Starting with your bottom sections, unfurl each and direct the airflow of your blowdryer downwards from the root (Ed’s note: It might be easier on your strands to work in downward bursts instead of one straight tug). Repeat on all sections, ending with your top middle section—blowdry upwards and away from your crown to create some lift.

6. Brush hair to smoothen any cowlicks.

Using the end of a rat-tail comb (or the teeth on a fine-toothed comb), create a horizontal part just underneath your crown. For a more foolproof guide, partition right above your ears across from left to right.

7. Refine the part, making sure the ensuing hairline is precise and clear.

Proceed to gather the top portion into a ponytail, securing the gather with a hair tie or barrette.

8. Volumize the crown.

Loosen the section right near your crown with the end of the rat-tail comb to create a tiny bump. Brush any tangles from the lengths. Spritz some hairspray (we like the touchable, bouncy hold from Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray) onto your palms and smooth down the top section to get rid of errant baby strands and flyaways. To give your ends some added sex appeal, spray some shine spray on your hands and use your fingers to curl the tips of your hair.

9. Voilà, the perfect bouncy half updo!

For a grittier, street-inspired hairstyle, create a bun with the top section instead of a ponytail (with the ends either coiled around itself, or half-pulled through) and leave the bottom half slightly stringy and texturized with a salt spray.

How are you styling your half updo this year?

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