fringe bangs: getting the perfect chop

How to Create Perfect Fringe Bangs

You're not born with killer bangs. That style is made.

A girl can literally change the way she looks when she gets fringe bangs. Seriously, this chop that falls along your forehead will not only add dimension to your face; it can also create a new and distinctive style that’s fun, playful and super modern. But this snip is not for the faint of heart—some girls stress about bangs more than they would a traditional cut. Do you go long or short or somewhere in between? Read on to learn how you can create perfect fringe bangs as you embark on this new hair experience.

Perfect Fringe Bangs: How You Can Get Them

finding perfect fringe bangs
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1. Know your face shape.

Your face shape is the best starting point to consider when it comes to getting bangs. Girls with round faces look amazing with angled or choppy bangs that can camouflage a round face. Those who have thick hair look amazing with a chunky side swept bang.

2. Research bang hairstyles. 

By now you know that there are so many cool and trendy fringe bangs you can try. Taking in account your face type, research what types of bangs are out there or cull some inspiration from your favorite celebrity looks.

3. Consider what shape you want.

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll have to think about the shape of your bangs. Some people think of them as a signature one-length look, but there are numerous options to fit into your style and face shape. You can try long bangs that go right below your eyebrows and sweep to one side, or really short baby bangs that end right above your brows. You’ll also need to consider the shape of your bangs: boxy, arched or layered. Your bangs can also be full or wispy, depending on your hair type and desired texture.

4. Play with your part.

You may get an awesome fringe from your hairdresser, only to have it turn into a floppy mess afterwards. This isn’t a cause to forego bangs; you just have to play with your part, where you can switch it up (to the left or right) or even create a middle part to come up with an entirely new look. Experiment, have fun and if all else fails use your trusty bobby pins.

5. Find the right hair care routine.

We aren’t going to lie: Bangs are high-maintenance where you’ll need certain hair care products to keep your hair in check. For smoothing out hair bangs, we like the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oilwhich can also help nourish your hair. If you regularly blowout your hair, you’ll also need a heat protectant, like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist, to protect your locks from the damaging effects of the heat.

6. Get regular trims.

Bangs grow out pretty fast, and you’ll need regular trims to maintain this look and a manageable length. While it’s tempting, we don’t advise you attempting this chop at home (we’ve all done that before!), unless you’re going for a jig-jag style.

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