Pump Up the Volume with a Parted Half Updo from the Runway

An updo that gives you the volume you need.

Whenever our hair routine and styles become uninspired, it’s easy to turn to dramatic changes like haircuts or new hair colors for the answer. Sure, changing your cut and color can be a fun change of pace, but sometimes the answer is in simple, small changes in style. If you’re not one to take large leaps, we understand; nevertheless, we have a hairstyle variation you will love. We saw this parted half updo style hit the runway and were instantly mesmerized by this easy-to-create look that offers volume and a new take on the classic half updo.

So before you head to the salon in a fit of desperation for a completely new hairdo, try this quick tweak and see how drastically it can intensify your style:

The Parted Half Updo Runway Style, Explained

parted half updo: models with updo style
This look is voluminous and fierce. Photo credit indigitalimages.com

What we love about the parted half updo look is that it’s simplistic yet edgy. Everyone has seen a half updo but having a middle part added creates more volume. Since there are two sides of the look, it’s easier to achieve height throughout the style instead of just on top. This hairstyle feels like a fusion of vampy-goth meets Victorian-age simplistic and we are here for it. The high shine affect also adds to the drama and we encourage you to get creative with the texture and finish of this style!

How to Achieve the Parted Updo Look:

To create this style, you want your strands to be voluminous and silky smooth at the same time. Focus a couple sprays of dry shampoo and the root of your hair to get some volume. We love TRESemmé Unscented Dry Shampoo to get lots of body by removing excess oil but not overdraw the hair. Apply Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick to your hair before you gather your hair into your parted updo. The wax stick will help tame any flyways while you create your style.

parted half updo: blonde hair
Who knew adding a part would add some a dramatic effect? Photo credit indigitalimages.com

When you’re creating the half updo style, it’s important to create your strong middle part prior to gathering your hair. Take one section at a time and do a slight twist at the back, to create more volume at the front. To avoid losing volume and texture, secure both sections separately. Use your fingers to gently pluck at the front of each section so that you can get more height. When you have your style in place and to your liking, give it a generous spray of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Boost Hold Level 3. This hairspray will leave your parted half updo in place with volume.

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