Nexxus Salon Treatments for the Tribeca Film Festival

Hair Styling at the Nexxus Salon for the Tribeca Film Festival

We don't mind using one of the hottest events in NYC as an excuse to get our hair done. Check out our experience at the Nexxus Salon for the Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s always a treat for our editorial team to take a break from hard-hitting hair news and just get our hair done. Last week we did just that during a visit to the Nexxus New York Hair Salon in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival. At the tony Tribeca salon, the All Things Hair editors enjoyed being pampered by the Nexxus team, via custom hair treatments paired with killer blowouts to boot—especially awesome, since they were able to cater to all our different hair types and varying needs. Read on to check out more about these stellar treatments:

Nexxus Salon Treatments for the Tribeca Film Festival

Alyssa François, Associate Beauty Editor

Tribeca Film Festival hair treatments at Nexxus with Alyssa Francois
The secret to this blowout? Mousse!

One thing I love about Nexxus New York Hair Salon is that the stylists are well-trained and they stay true to what your hair needs. I asked if I could try out a line other than the Oil Infinite System as I did before, but they suggested we stick to the formula that’s best for women with naturally curly hair. We did, however, have a little fun when it came to styling.

To style my hair we went with a mousse. I have not used mousse in my hair since my high school days when my hair was chemically relaxed so I was thrilled to see how my natural hair would react. On damp hair, my stylist applied Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus to my hair for body, then prepped my hair with Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil (one of my favorites!) before blowdrying and curling. I am so impressed with the shine and body my hair has up until this very day, and it still feels as light as a feather!

Eunice Lucero, Senior Beauty Editor

nexxus tribeca film festival hair treatments with Eunice Lucero
A good hair treatment = always a good idea.

I just re-blonded a couple of weeks ago, so needless to say, my strands where feelin’ it… and by ‘it’, I mean bleach damage. It didn’t help matters that we’ve been having the suckiest of hair weather lately due to all these April showers, and my fine, straight hair has definitely been acting out. I worked with Robert (Lyon, stylist) before, so I was glad to know I was going to be in his chair again this time—he knows how to handle my fine strands without going overboard with ~pageant volume~.

We started off with the Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Shampoo, and then they proceeded with the first step of the in-salon version of the Nexxus Emergencee Pre-Reconstructing Treatment. I’ve never had a treatment blow-dried into my hair before, so that was a curious thing to see; the stylists said it helps hair absorb all the good stuff more efficiently. They rinsed my hair thoroughly afterwards, and I learned that drying and rinsing off this treatment was a bit of a specific process, which is why they recommend people get this done in-salon at the risk of damaging hair when done incorrectly at home. (Not that I would argue—they had me at “head massage.”) The last step was applying a moisture mask, and then a blowout, which I’m so in love with! Robert totally aced the dream ’70s-groupie-wavy-bangs situation I was going for without a word from me—he just went with where my hair and cowlicks naturally fell, all the while with me on my app finishing my astrology homework for the week. Superwoman moment, check!

Miriam Herst, Assistant Editor

tribeca film festival hair treatments with Miriam Herst
Always on-trend: A wavy and healthy-looking blowout!

After embracing my natural hair color and saying goodbye to my well-loved but out of date ombré a few months back, I thought I had filled my hair transformation quota for 2017. I’ve committed to going into the salon every few months for necessary trims but otherwise I’ve decided to give my hair a rest in the hopes of restoring it to the healthiest state possible. The very ends of my hair reach my elbows and those sections of my strands are not only five years old, but they’ve been through a few rounds of bleach and most recently, a dose of brown hair dye.

The stylists at the Nexxus New York Hair Salon suggested the same treatment they did for Eunice: the salon version of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Emergencée Pre Reconstructing Treatment. After a luxurious shampoo and conditioning treatment, Robert Lyon gave me the commercial-worthy hair of my dreams. After applying a small amount of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil, he sectioned my hair off into a deep side part and took advantage of the cowlick I never thought to embrace. After fully blowdrying my hair, he used a curling wand to create big loose curls, which he later brushed through to create a Hollywood glam look I instantly fell in love with.

Serena Norr, Editor-in-Chief

tribeca film festival at nexxus with serena norr
Hanging with Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Global Creative Director

At the Nexxus New York Salon, I had the pleasure to speak with Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Global Creative Director, who suggested that my hair be washed with Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Shampoo and conditioned with aforementioned Nexxus Emergencée Pre Reconstructing Treatment. After that revitalizing treatment, my stylist applied a small amount of Nexxus City Shield DD Cream throughout my hair, and then proceeded to blow-dry it straight. I was borderline freaking out by how soft it made my hair felt as I guided my fingers throughout my new blowout. Kevin explained that the new City Shield line provides a frizz-resistant and lightweight hold that makes it ideal for various weather conditions, including our upcoming sweltering summer. Oh, and it happens to smell amazing, that I’m dubbing it as my current hair care favorite.

In NYC and in need of some top-notch styling? Be sure to visit Nexxus flagship salon at 39 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10008. 

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