hair toner is key for blonde hair

Why You Should You Be Using a Hair Toner

Why toner is a must for blondes. 

Single process, double process, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and more; when there are so many different options for treating and maintaining healthy hair, how can a girl really know where to start? Well, if you have blonde hair the answer is as easy as can be. Allow us to introduce you to hair toner. Usually kept on the DL, toners are essentially the fairy godmother of gorgeous, glowing blonde locks. To get in the know, keep reading to learn about what exactly hair toner is and how it will make all your golden goddess dreams come true. 

How Hair Toner is the Answer to Your Blonde Hair Prayers

hair toner blonde hair
Have blonde hair? Then you definitely need toner.

1. First and foremost, what is hair toner?

Toners are demi-permanent hair color–meaning it’ll eventually wash out–that are used to correct any unwanted tones in your processed or bleached hair. Typically used on double-processed blondes, toners have the power to eliminate the appearance of brassy or dull tones. This can really make the difference in how your dye job ends up.

2. What’s double processing?

When you get your hair double-processed it means that you first had to bleach or lighten your hair before applying the new pigment. In this process, it’s very common that you’ll swivel around in your salon chair, so excited to see your new look, only to be disappointed that you have major streaking and yellow undertones. This is where hair toner comes in to save the day as it works to neutralize your hair.

hair toner on blonde hair

3. How to use toner.

There are one of two options for how to use toner. You can either go to your stylist and request it or you can invest in a toning shampoo and conditioner combo.

If you choose to go the professional route, the applied toner will even out your color process and unveil gorgeous, even locks. This means you can kiss those unsightly zebra stripes goodbye and embrace your natural-looking sun kissed locks.

As with all color processes, even if they’re not permanent and are only going to last for a few weeks, it’s very important to give your hair extra TLC in the form of conditioning. We recommend the Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Moisture Restoring Masque for totally revived, replenished and re-balanced locks.

Now, if you opt for a toning at-home combo, the process is as simple as washing your hair. When you go to the store you’ll just ask for toning shampoo and conditioner, we suggest the Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo. Don’t be surprised when you open the bottle and find out that yes, it’s actually purple. The purple hue is just what your hair is looking for to be able to say “Boy Bye” to the tones you didn’t ask for.

Always looking for ways to make your blonde hair look blonder? Check out our feature on how to get blonde hair in 7 steps.

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