Dry Shampoo for Natural Hair: How to Make Your Style Last for Days

Found: One of the best products to revive your 'do, regardless of your curl type.

While we’re staying home a lot more than usual, hair washing can tend to find its way to the back burner. The plan was to keep my fluffy blowout fresh for as long as I can so I could try out various trendy styles on my hair, like crown braids, fishtail braids and sexy waves. When it comes to beauty, I’m pretty much down to try almost anything. I’ve practically been treating my hair like a guinea pig recently, but of course, it’s all for good measure. Due to this, dry shampoo for natural hair has been on my list of things to try.

You’re probably thinking: Girls with natural hair probably don’t need to use dry shampoo, since oily hair may be the least of our problems. Hear me out: Dry shampoo is a great product to help you refresh almost any hairstyle, no matter what your hair type is. Keep scrolling to find out what some of my favorite dry shampoos for natural hair are.

Suave summer friday alyssa blowout
Remember my Suave Summer Friday blowout? Loved it so much that I had to keep it alive with dry shampoo!

I’ve found it challenging to keep my blowout light, fluffy, and airy. As the days went by, my fluffy hair started to become limp, and my roots began to lay flat. This is actually rare for me when my hair is worn curly. Because my hair is straight, my natural sebum isn’t having a hard time making its way down my strands.

Dove Care Between Washed Brunette Dry Shampoo

I may be spending a lot of time at home, but there is no way I’m going to allow my hair to be defeated. There’s also absolutely no way I’m going to wash my hair either. This week, instead of drenching my hair with water and reaching for shampoo, I reached for Dove Care Between Washes Brunette Dry Shampoo. I popped the cap off, sprayed a few inches away from my roots, brushed it through and like magic my hair started to feel less weighed down. This is also a great option for ladies with natural hair because you won’t have to worry about the white powdery residue.

Nexxus Between Washes Smooth & Clean Dry Shampoo Foam

If you’re looking for a lightweight option, use Nexxus Between Washes Smooth & Clean Dry Shampoo FoamThis foam formula is a unique texture and can easily be worked into your roots and down your hair shaft to help absorb excess oil. No matter what your hair type is, this foam will help you get the most days out of any style you’re hoping to preserve.

TRESemmé Clean Pro Pure Dry Shampoo

Whether it’s a blowout or curls, the last thing you want is to put anything in your hair that’ll weigh it down. TRESemmé Clean Pro Pure Dry Shampoo is a favorite because it uses 100% Natural Tapioca Cleanser to help revitalize your hair. Plus, it’s free of sulfates, parabens, and dyes. All you have to do is hold the can 8 to 12 inches from your lifted root and then spritz your hair. Gently massage the product into your hair, and then you’re on your way to another day of refreshed strands.

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