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Why Dad Hat Hairstyles Are the Best Microtrend Right Now

The best news? You've literally already got this.

Heyyy, daddy! So yeah, we’re sorta, kinda obsessed with these quirky iterations of dad hat hairstyles we’re seeing on the streets during New York Fashion Week as of late. Cool, understated and super on-trend with the latest athleisure/streetwear movement, these shallow-bucketed baseball caps cement our theories that yes, dads were indeed the original hipsters. Props, pops, you called it.

Finally a Thing: Dad Hat Hairstyles

For once, we’ve got the weather to thank for this sudden street style phenomenon, at least in our here Nor’eastern neck of the woods. Baseball caps are the best accessory for the winter season’s erratic winds and flurries, as they provide some warmth while injecting our overall look with a touch of athletic savvy—a huge runway and real-way theme for the past few seasons.

dad hat hairstyles waves
Let your hair peek through the sides and bottom for a sexier, feature-flattering look. Photo credit:

How to Style Around Them

Good things come in threes, including the most stylish ways to wear this sporty hair accessory. The low top allows for a lot more hair to peek through on the sides, which means it won’t overwhelm on women with smaller features or shorter hair, too.

dad hat hairstyles tucked
Tuck in your sides for a fiercer, more street-style take. Photo credit:

Try it atop a head of messy, slightly scrunchy It girl waves, with a few tendrils peeking through on each side to give more density to your overall hairstyle. You can also be a true bad babe and tuck your sideburns behind your ears and against the brim (or don the hat over some fierce Dutch braids) for some major face time.

dad hat hairstyles ponytail
No hairtie? No problem! The 1990s dad hat is here to save the day. Photo credit:

Whatever You Do, Embrace the Dorkiness

The real power of the dad hat lies in its irony. We love the unadulterated 1990s version of dad hat hairstyles the most—that is, as a makeshift ponytail holder, with your locks looped through that perforated, adjustable tab at the back. That’s right, folks, that stadium look you once rocked at the homecoming game has finally gone fetch, and paired with those high-rise jeans and woven choker, it looks like you’re well off shopping in your own closets. Fistpump!

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