13 Easy Ways To Style Bad Haircuts

Because nobody wants a bad hair day.

We’ve all been there: A bad haircut can arise at any moment, and feels like forever until it grows back to normal. Whether you gave a little too much trust to your hair stylist, or saw an “easy” haircut hack on Instagram and it went totally wrong, bad haircuts can be an absolutely terrible thing to deal with. But don’t hang your head in shame just yet: When there’s a will, there’s totally a way to take even the worst haircuts and transform them into chic and posh styles in an instant. Check out this roundup of strategic styles to cover up your hair horror story and turn it into the next trending hairstyle of the season:

13 Styles For Hiding Bad Haircuts

bad haircuts bejeweled updo
If you have a major event to go to, cover up your choppy locks in a bejeweled updo!

1. Bejeweled Updo

An extravagant updo with jewels and embellishments is perfect for covering up bad haircuts. To keep your hairstyle in control all day long, make sure you spray down any unruly locks and frizz with some hairspray, like Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.


bad haircuts messy bun
This effortless style is one of our favorites for covering up our bad haircuts.

2. Messy Bun

Need a quick fix for your bad haircut? A messy bun is your simple answer.

bad haircuts ponytail
When in doubt, go with this classic: the ponytail.

3. Ponytail

If your locks are still long enough to be tied up, then a ponytail is one of the best solutions for your hair mishap.

bad haircuts girl with hat
A cute hat is one of the most popular choices for covering up bad haircuts.

4. Hat

This is everyone’s favorite go-to essential for a bad haircut. When all else fails, just grab your favorite hat (we love this on-trend beret) and your hair is perfectly covered up for the day!

bad haircuts braid
Try braiding your hair for a simple yet stylish look.

5. Braid

A braid is a quick and easy way to add an effortless style to even the most horrendous of bad haircuts.

bad haircuts colored hair
A new color may do just the trick to transforming your bad haircut.

6. Colored Hair

A new hair color can completely transform your look from bland to bold and beautiful. Make your color last longer by washing your locks with Nexxus Color Assure Rebalancing Shampoo and Nexxus Color Assure Restoring Conditioner.

bad haircuts headband
A funky headband can take your hairstyle to new levels.

7. Headbands

A cool headband can do wonders for any hairstyle. Put one on and see for yourself!

bad haircuts curls
Curls can easily cover up even the worst of uneven haircuts.

8. Curls

Time to grab your rollers and curling wands, because curls are great for disguising any unevenness. If you want extra volume in your curls, then make sure you’re using Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip before styling.


bad haircuts hair accessories
Fun ribbons, pins, and bows can take the attention off of your crazy cut.

9. Hair Accessories

Hair ties, ribbons, and hair clips, oh my! These are major essentials for taking the attention off of your bad haircuts and turning into an official Styling Queen.

bad haircuts straight hair
Try straightening your locks to give dull locks a shinier and sleeker appearance.

10. Straightening

If your hair looks dead and full of frizz, try straightening your hair for a sleeker appearance. However, you don’t want to damage your hair even more with heated tools, so always use a heat protectant spray like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray before styling.


bad haircuts hair extensions
If your hair is a little too short for your taste, try some extensions.

11. Hair Extensions

Did you ask for a trim and your stylist ended up cutting half a foot of hair off? Yeah, we’ve all been through it. If you’re too impatient for your hair to grow back, extensions may be a solution to your hair disaster.

bad haircuts hair pins
Hair pins are a bad haircut’s best friend.

12. Hair Pins

One of the quickest solutions to bad haircuts are always strategically placed hair pins.

bad haircuts short cut
If your cut is lop-sided, a short haircut will even it out instantly.

13. Short Cut

So your hair is completely asymmetrical, and not in a cool, Insta-worthy street style way. If you’re really brave enough to go back to the salon chair, a super short haircut, like this shaggy pixie, is a great workaround to that messy bad haircut and exudes street appeal.

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