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We’re Calling It: Ashy Platinum is Fall 2017’s Rulebreaker

A cooler alternative that's also trending in Hollywood? Where do we co-sign?

Call us crazy, but it looks like summer’s having an extended run where hair color is concerned (as with the weather too, but we’re not complaining!). Ashy platinum, one of the lightest members of the color family typically favored during the hotter months, is somehow becoming Hollywood’s mane attraction these days. More and more celebs have been spotted going a lighter shade of pale on their locks this fall, and we’re sort of low-key nuts for this crisp, clean shade.

Just how the most interesting fashion trends are those that flip the script on existing rules, going blonder for fall has got us feeling a giddy kind of way. That gradual fade-to-black (or, you know, dark brown) that we usually do come the colder months? Yeah, well, sometimes that just doesn’t fly, particularly if you’ve been trying to go lighter for the better part of the year. Which is why an ashy platinum hue is quite the validation for blonde babes—it’s a great update to already lightened hair that still wants a seasonal refresh, and it saves you from going back to square one next spring. But whether you’re going from a dark base or just need a slight color tweak, let the photos below serve up some awesome inspiration:

Why We Love Ashy Platinum, a.k.a. Fall’s It Girl Hue

ashy platinum blonde waves front
Ashy platinum is a trendy hue that also neutralizes pink undertones.

1. It’s fresh for fall.

It’s a cooler tone for a change, which, tbh, is music to the ears of anyone with a cool complexion. Autumn’s rusty, harvest-toned colors—reds, auburns, burnt coppers, chestnuts, golds—don’t really flatter pink or bluish undertones as much as ash, neutral or khaki hues.

2. It’s unexpected.

It’s not the usual route you’d take for fall/winter, wherein the rationale is that having darker hair gives our faces “more color” and enlivens our pale winter skin. But just as fashion is also taking a bright and sunny alternative with winterwear, it’s also high-time we shelved this dated concept of moodier hair towards the end of the year (because goodness knows the days are bleary enough), and started wearing whichever shade we’re in love with, full stop. Which kind of happens to be this glinty, creamy, champagne blonde at the moment, because anything that reminds us of fun partytimes during the bleakest of snow days is definitely to be celebrated.

ashy platinum blonde waves back
Champagne pink tints give depth to the hue.

3. It’s easier to maintain a blonde in fall/winter.

Less sunlight exposure, less scalp grease, less hair washing, less brassing, less upkeep, less spending, more cash for Black Friday shopping. That’s a hard yes!

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