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Quiz: What are the Best Brown Hair Colors for You?

Coffee, chocolate, mocha, honey or toffee? 

Welcome to the dark side, budding brunette! We’re always going to have a soft spot for brown hair colors—four-fifths of us here at All Things Hair are original brunettes, after all—but there’s just something about this versatile, practical shade that endears us every time. Brown is a fun marriage of sensible and sophisticated.

Brown shades are also relatively easier to maintain than other colors and are a great foil for bringing out our natural features. The contrast provided by a dark hair color is undeniably striking, and especially during the blonde-saturated summer months, is guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd.

It’s easy to get lost in the fray of the multitude brown hair colors out there. To facilitate your mini-life change, we put together a simple (and fun!) test to determine which family of browns you should shop around in. Read on to learn more about the best brown hair colors for you:

What Are the Best Brown Hair Colors for You?

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The greenish-gray tint in ash brown hair neutralizes (and flatters!) pink and cool undertones. Photo credit:

Cool Skintones

If you fall under the cool spectrum, you have a lot of pink and red in your skin. This is why nothing opens up your features quite like the crispest refrigerator-white top or a bright blue-red matte lip too. A brown hair color shade that doesn’t have that much red in it, like cool ash brown, khaki, espresso and chestnut, neutralizes the ruddiness in your complexion. A small exception: pale, freckly redheads should look to getting richer, truer reds and strawberry-scarlets—this combination is striking and will enhance your natural glow.

best brown colors find the best brown hair color for you warm skintones
Are you warm? Complement those yellow undertones with ambers, caramels and golden honeys. Photo credit:

Warm Skintones

If you have warm undertones, you’re flattered by gold jewelry, orange or copper makeup (trending now!) and have been known to rock a glorious, beach-bunny tan. Look for browns with a hint of gold in their names and blends—these complement the natural yellow in your skin pigments, giving you a healthy look. Golden brown, light and dark toffees, butterscotch and amber, and burgundy and mahoganies for warm-undertones redheads, are gorgeous against your complexion and balance out any sallowness. Maintain your brown hair color with less washing, but always keep it fresh. Use a dry shampoo like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo.


best brown colors find your best brown hair shade for you neut
Peaches-and-cream complexions glow with true mochas and chocolates. Photo credit:

Neutral Undertones

If you find yourself with a peach/beige undertone, why, hello there, Miss Congeniality! You have a neutral undertone, meaning you can go either side of the spectrum. Most women in this category look equally fetching in gold and silver jewelry, and have a natural proclivity for peachy tones. Keep it tight though, and look to your natural coloring (virgin hair, eye color) for clues to which brown hair color family you resonate with the most. Neutral browns like chocolate, mocha and darker beige-brown (a darker, more café-au-lait shade) are what play best with and enliven your peaches-and-cream complexion.

What brown hair color do you think would look best on you? Take our quiz!

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