12 Stunning Ways to Wear Caramel Balayage Hair

This highlighted look is the perfect midway between subtle and sexy.

A quick skim through any roundup of editors’ favorite styles from the past year is sure to include a handful of caramel balayage styles. Balayage caramel styles have made a comeback over the last few years, and the latest iterations of this trend are some of our all-time favorites. A skillfully done style that includes caramel balayage can lighten up your entire look while simultaneously helping you debut one of this year’s hottest trends.

Thinking about trying out this sweet yet stylish highlights technique yourself? Check out different ways to wear caramel balayage:

5 Ways to Wear Caramel Balayage

1. Natural Curls

caramel balayage natural curls
Lighten up your natural curls.

Wear your natural curls short and light in a curly bob style that incorporates caramel balayage highlights. This look is guaranteed to brighten up your overall look. Adding darker brown highlights or blonde highlights is another great way to elevate your look. Maintain your look with Suave Luscious Curls Shampoo.

2. Super Subtle

Add just a touch of caramel.

This look is ideal for someone who is a little hesitant to make a huge change in the hair color department. A super subtle touch of caramel color is a great way to get in on this trend in a subtle way.

3. Stick Straight

caramel balayage
Wear your lightened locks nice and straight.

Wear your freshly colored strands nice and straight to really show off your highlights. Don’t forget to protect your hair and prep with a heat-defense product. We love TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray as it protects hair from heat damage and uses keratin to keep your strands super sleek.

4. Loose Ponytail and Subtle Highlights

caramel balayage loose low ponytail
Gather your subtle highlights into a low, loose style.

Show off subtle highlights at the front of your hair by gathering your strands into a low loose ponytail. This soft style works with these highlights for a perfectly matched style-color combo.

5. Loose Curls

caramel balayage loose curls
Style your balayage into loose curls.

Use your curling iron to style your balayage style into long, loose curls. Hold the style in place and add a touch of volume by spraying the finished look with Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray.

6. Brunette to Blonde Waves

balayage vs ombre curls with bangs

Wear a glossy caramel balayage in fashionable waves, that transition from your natural darker color to a sweet honey blonde. Maintain your blonde strands with [insert product]

7. Strawberry Blonde

Café Au Lait Curls natural blonde hair
A twisted hairstyle shows off both a clean color and flirty lengths. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

You can take your caramel balayage down to a lighter route by choosing strawberry blonde highlights. This blend of colors will give fullness and dimension to your mane in a new way!

8. Straight Hair Balayage

anti frizz long asian hair
The best shampoo for dry frizzy hair usually includes a great lightweight hair oil, like Argan or Marula.

No need to curl and perm your hair to show off your brand-new balayage. This look works wonders on straight hair too and gives your shade a more subdued aura.

9. Chocolate Balayage

dark chocolate hair balayage
True story: A great balayage can work wonders!

What goes well with caramel? Chocolate of course! And this is also true in the hair care realm. Combine a chocolate brown root with a caramel balayage for a delicious (see what we did there?) new hair tone.

10. Caramel Money Piece

If you haven’t of the money piece hair trend, we’ve got you covered! This face-framing hairstyle is perfect if you want to add a touch of color to your strands without committing to the full thing.

11. Layered Haircut

a sexy close up look of a wavy hair woman on the light grey background
This thick, flippy hairstyle is serving some major ’70s flavor.

Want to highlight your layered haircut even more? A sleek balayage will complement the dimension and fullness of your layers perfectly.

12. Sun-kissed Balayage on Short Hair

Give your short hair a makeover with stylish caramel balayage and blonde accents. This sun-kissed hairstyle is the perfect sassy look.

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