What’s in My Hair Today: Heat Protection Spray

Miriam Herst | 09 July 2016
heat protectant spray balayage

The one product I absolutely can’t live without. 

The majority of my hair journey has been spent cutting my hair into what I deemed would be a chic and updated lob cut, growing it out again and then repeating this hair cycle. Is anyone else with me on this? I went from longer ombre waves to an all-natural shoulder brushing even cut and back again a few times. See exhibits A and B via my Instagram feed:

heat protection spray

heat protectant spray

Using Heat Protectant Spray

With these drastic changes most of my hair care routine changed, too. I have owned curling irons with barrels of every size, boasted an almost embarrassingly large collection of hair products, and tried every DIY hack in the book. Throughout it all, there has been one product that has been a staple heat protection spray. I particularly love the TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray. Whether my hair is short and straightened, long and curled, or somewhere in the process and being grown out, this heat protection spray has been a constant. I love how it can resist heat when I blow-dry my hair (up to 450 degrees!) and how it helps to prevent moisture loss in my locks, leaving me with smooth strands. Plus, it has a super fine-mist to ensure coverage throughout my hair.

Which leads me to my hair today:

heat protectant spray

My everyday look lately consists of big messy straightener curls in my grown-in balayaged hair. Without bothering to section off my hair, I grab one to two inch pieces at a time and create messy waves using my hair straightener (much like in this hair tutorial). With having bleached hair and this much contact with heat, I’ve learned the importance of a using a heat protection spray in-between the hair-drying and hair-curling process. As I’m currently digging my longer hair, protecting my strands from damage has never been more important. Using heat protection spray has definitely been an incredible product to include in my hair care arsenal!

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