At Home Hair Dyeing Tips with Heather Cie

Is at-home hair coloring right for you?

In this day and age, many of us take matters into our own hands, whether it’s recreating some of the most coveted runway or red carpet hairstyle trends or even getting the most popular hair color trends at home. While most stylists recommend leaving the hair dyeing process up to a professional, the various options of at-home coloring kits on the market suggests otherwise. We’ve enlisted Heather Cie of Cie Sparks Salon located in Malibu, CA to provide you with the best hair dyeing tips for your D.I.Y. hair coloring projects.

Hair Dyeing Tips with Heather Cie

Rear view of young woman applying hair dye on dark hair
Know before you dye! Ask a hair colorist to help you pick the right shade for you.

All Things Hair: What should one look for when buying an at-home hair dyeing kit?

Heather Cie: While coloring hair at home may seem more convenient, the biggest challenge with doing your own hair color is lack of consistency. There are many factors that go into a unique and perfect color formulation done by a professional that box dyes cannot provide. With that said, a client should know what their natural color is as well as what color they are trying to achieve. If a client must purchase an at-home color kit, they should consult with their colorist in order to find the perfect shade and tone that would benefit their natural beauty, as box-due is considered to be a “one-size fits all” [product] and can overlap on already dyed hair, leaving behind darker or lighter patches that do not look nice.

What should be done prior to dyeing hair?

I recommend that my clients use a product that prevents hair damage and rebuilds broken hair bonds.

Woman holding dyed hair reflected in the mirror
Before dyeing hair at home, be sure to give your hair a treatment to help strengthen your strands.

What’s the best way to dye hair at home?

I would recommend finding a colorist that would make you a take home kit using their color and knowledge of your hair type, so they can create the perfect tone specifically for you. I make take home kits for my clients for when they are traveling or simply cannot make it into the salon. A professional colorist has been trained to customize a specific formula with different hues to make the perfect shade for their clients. They have also been trained to consider the skin tone of each client to ensure the new hair color matches well and looks fabulous!

How often should one dye their hair?

Heather Cie: A client should visit a colorist every four to six weeks. This varies, depending on how fast hair grows and if gray hair is present.

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