Hair Loss in Women: A Stylist’s Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss

Everything you need to know about hair loss in women and how to deal with it.

Hair loss in women can often be a somewhat complicated and sensitive subject. Like many hair complications, hair loss in women can be caused by a number of factors and it’s important to pin down exactly what’s causing your hair to thin out. You might be asking yourself: How much hair loss is normal? How does female hair loss differ from male hair loss? Should I be worried about the possibility of female pattern baldness? We spoke to Jazzi Ziegler, Baltimore-based hair stylist and color specialist, and asked her best advice for dealing with womens hair loss:

Hair Loss in Women: Answers to Your FAQs

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Learn more about hair loss in women and what you can do combat it.

What are some of the complications related to hair loss women deal with?

Hair loss is very complicated because it can stem from a number of causes. It can be a genetic issue, a disease, changes in hormones, a side effect of taking certain medications, or as a result of high amounts of stress. Alternatively, hair growth does go through different cycles and you may just be experiencing a non-active stage of hair growth: your hair might be in a shedding phase to make room for new hair to grow. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint what the cause or solution is. I would always suggest to go to a dermatologist for a diagnosis and to never self diagnose in case it is a medical issue.

How common are women hair loss challenges?

Hair loss for women is actually a very common issue and it can start any age. Up to 40% of women suffer from hair loss.

What would you recommend for women who are experiencing hair loss?

It depends on the situation. Some women are causing unknown harm to their strands by using a boar bristle brush that can pull too hard on the hair. I would recommend a wet brush as it is more gentle on tough tangles. Vitamins are also always a good idea as they can help with hair regrowth.

It’s also important to increase blood circulation in your scalp by using your fingers to massage the scalp for a minute everyday. You can even do it twice a day if you’re committed! It’s important to remember that nothing can really guarantee hair growth, and if you’re dealing with a medical diagnosis then you should definitely consult your doctor.

Are there any products that will help with hair loss?

While there aren’t products that will guarantee hair regrowth, you may want to consider changing your shampoo and conditioner to a thickening option that will help you fake fuller hair. The right products will give the appearance of fuller hair even when your dealing with your hair falling out. Women especially can benefit from products that give the appearance of fuller hair to help give you your confidence back.

Editor’s note: You may want to consider a volumizing shampoo like Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and Bed Head by TIGI Epic Volume Conditioner to give the appearance of fuller hair.

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