5 Best Summer Looks For Men

Summer’s heating up and that means it’s time for a fresh new look! Don’t just add preppy shorts and tropical prints to your look this summer, give your hair some love too. The perfect hairstyle can instantly refresh an outfit and turn good summer outfits into the BEST summer looks for men.

Whether you’re growing your hair out or keeping it short, one of these 5 summer looks for men will keep you looking cool no matter the temp outside.


Man Bun

summer looks for men: man with a man bun hairstyle
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Although some thought the man bun phase wouldn’t last, this hairstyle has shown that it’s a trend with a staying power. If you’ve got slightly longer length hair and need to get it off your shoulders this summer a man bun is the perfect fuss-free look to try.

Pretty much all you need is a simple hair band to tie your hair up and you’re good to go. Slicked-back or slightly messy, it’s all up to you.


Slick Fade

man in a suit with a fade haircut
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Looking for something on the shorter side? We’ve got you! A slick fade is one of the greatest summer looks for men if you want something that’s simple but still hella stylish.

The gradual tapering in length creates a clean, chic summer look that will freshen up any outfit – including those beach shorts.

If you’re keeping it bit longer on top, try the Toni&Guy Moulding Clay that allows you to style your hair without weighing it down.



man with a braided hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

Braids for men are a great go-to for summer. They’re the ultimate balance between a stylish and low maintenance look that’s perfect when you’re out and about. Long or short, from cornrows to regular braids, the variety is endless which allows you to make them your own. Once done, and with the right care, they’re also long-lasting which is definitely needed when it comes to summer.



summer looks for men: man with a buzzcut hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Short and sweet? We think so… When it comes to hair for the heat, a buzzcut is definitely what comes to mind. It’s been around for ages and is a tried and tested cut for looking clean and staying cool. No matter the outfit, this cut will give your look a classic, minimalistic feel. No frills, no fuss.

All that’s left is to give your barber a visit. Be daring and show off your facial features with one of the best summer looks for men.


Comb Over

summer looks for men: Man with a beard and a comb over hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re looking for something a little more fashion-forward, another fresh summer looks for men has got to be a comb-over. This is a go-to look that’s seen on businessmen, celebrities and high-fashion runways. What’s great about the comb-over is that it has an old-school classic feel, but has been reinvented for a more modern look. From a neat slicked-back to a wavier curly look, the comb-over is versatile and a great look to dress up your summer style.

For a sleek shaped comb-over try VO5 Groomed Styling Wax. It provides the perfect all-day hold without making your hair too stiff.


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