8 Man Bun and Beard Combos We’re Kinda Obsessed With

The man bun seems like it will forever be trending in the men’s style world. It’s an easy hairstyle for men with mid-length to long hair, and those with short hair are even finding clever ways to take part in the style. Nowadays, man bun and beard styles are having a major moment. Here we introduce to you only the best and trendiest ways you can rock a man bun and beard combo.


Wear it with some stubble.

man bun with stubble
Source: Shutterstock

What’s nice about the top knot style man buns is that they’re an easy go-to look for just about any occasion. Wear it neat for daytime or with a slightly dishevelled finish for the night.


A curly twist on the man bun and beard combo

Half up half down man bun
Source: Unsplash

Textured styles like this contrast nicely against thick beards. Curls are an ideal look if you’re wanting a relaxed but stylish look.

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Salt-and-pepper beard and Man Bun

Grey beard and hair
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The man bun and beard style has no age. Whether you have a few strands of greys or are full-on silver-foxing, the look works for any hair type.


Halfway looped man bun with a thick beard.

Looped half way hair
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We’re into this lazy bun look. Loop your man bun through a hair elastic halfway to recreate this fanned bun effect.


Half-up man bun and beard

Man bun with stubble
Source: Pexels

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the half-up hairstyle is a sure-fire look for everyone.

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Wear it loose

Half up half down man bun
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We hate to break it to you, but super tight man buns can create tension on your hairline and cause hair loss. Give your hair a break from time to time by creating a looser man bun style. We love the juxtaposition of this loose bun and thick beard. And, for more hair care tips for men, check out this article.

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Beard and man bun on shorter hair

Half way man bun with beard
Source: Unsplash

Short hair? Don’t sweat it! You can still give the man bun and beard trend a go. Depending on how short your hair is, You’ll want to work with either a mid-bun or a low-bun to gather up as much hair as possible.

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High Bun and Yeard

Man bun with beard
Source: Unsplash

For a laid-back, biker kind of look, you can’t go wrong with a year-long beard (or “yeard”) and a high knotted bun. If you are a champion hair grower, rock the look! Just keep your beard trimmed as you go along, so you still look sleek even while pulling off that grungy scruff.


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