7 Hairspray hacks we swear by

We’ve made this list of hairspray hacks to prove that hairspray can do so much more than just make a hairdo last. Hairspray is a styling product that’s most popular for helping to create those big and totally outrageous 80s hairstyles. But, you can use hairspray for so much more. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your hairspray.


1. Extra grip

hairspray hacks: woman with curly hair and accessories
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Don’t you hate it when you’ve just added accessories to your hairdo, and they slide out, or they shift when you move? Honestly, it’s one of our pet peeves! Thankfully, there are clever hairspray hacks to help improve the grip of your hair accessories and make them stay in place.

Simply spray your clips or hairpins with a generous amount of hairspray. Then allow them to dry slightly before adding them to your look. Your accessories will have more grip because the hairspray helps make them sticky – giving them more staying power!


2. Fix flyaways

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Have you ever wondered how Hollywood keeps flyaways at bay? With a super easy hairspray trick, of course! Flatten your flyaways and fix them in place with a toothbrush and your favourite hairspray.

Just spritz a toothbrush (we recommend getting a designated toothbrush for your hair, don’t use an old one) with a decent amount of hairspray and use the bristles loaded with hairspray to neaten up and brush back any strands.


3. Add texture

woman with curly hair
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Another great hairspray hack we love is using this handy styling product to create texture in your style, or give your natural texture a boost!

Coat your tresses in hairspray and before the product dries, use your hands and fingers to scrunch and bend the ends of your locks to create varied texture and definition.


4. Keeping smooth

hairspray hacks: woman with long straight hair
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Try this hairspray trick for a smooth, sleek look. Spray hairspray directly onto the palm of your hand and use your hand to smooth your hairdo. Using your hand will evenly distribute the hairspray through your locks and prevent product build-up.


5. Volume boost

woman with curly hair
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Did you know you can use hairspray to boost your volume? It’s actually a super simple hairspray hack that doesn’t require any styling tools! All you need to do is grab individual sections of hair and give them a generous spritz of hairspray on the underside of the section (the side closest to your scalp). Spraying the underside of your hair helps improve your hair’s grip, so it’ll stay in place, and it has a lifting effect on your roots.

We recommend TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray for an added volume boost because this product provides you with lasting hold and natural-looking volume.


6. Extra curl hold

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The trick to creating lasting, defined curls in your hair is to use your hairspray before you start working with your curling iron. Usually, most people create their curls and then spritz them to make them last, but this method doesn’t provide as much staying power. Adding hairspray to your locks before you start creating a style helps give your hair more grip and hold. For extra hold, we recommend you finish off your curly do with a spritz of hairspray too, just for luck.


7. Style edges

hairspray hacks: woman with curly hair and sleek baby hairs
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Creating defined edges is a breeze with this hairspray hack. You will need your hairspray (obviously) and a spoolie brush or a re-proposed mascara wand. All you need to do is spritz your brush or wand with your hairspray, and then you can get to work shaping and staying your edges. If you need to, continue adding product to your brush or wand as you go to slowly build-up the product without overloading your hair.


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