Dad's tricks for kids hair

Dads’ haircare tricks for their kids

Whether it’s those early school mornings, weekend play dates or staycations, knowing how to care for your little ones’ hair is a must for both mom and dad.

For the dads who may need a few tips on how to do this for their son or daughter, we’ve put together a list of useful haircare tricks to try.


Prepping hair

Parent washing kid's hair in the bath
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The first step to caring for your little ones’ hair is to know how to properly prep and wash their hair. After fun- filled days of running around and getting dirty, a good shampoo and conditioner will be needed. The key is finding a product that thoroughly cleanses but is also gentle enough for their skin.

front of pack: Organics Kids Coconutty 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Our suggestion is to try the Organics Kids Coconutty 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. This 2-in-1 product contains fruit extracts and is super gentle on the hair and scalp. It’s also hypoallergenic, contains no artificial dyes and is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested. PLUS has a (very helpful) no-tears formula that will make washing your little one’s hair a walk in the park.


Comfy styles

Now that your kids’ hair is washed, it’s time to dry and style. Intricate braided ‘dos or high space buns can look super cute on your little ones but aren’t always the easiest to create or the most comfortable.

Your little ones will be active for most of their day, so creating a hairstyle that lasts (i.e. won’t undo after 5 minutes of running around) but more importantly is comfortable is key. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable with a hairstyle that’s too tight or hurts in anyway — this may lead to a glum face and some tears. Instead, find styles that are simple and fuss-free. Some go-to looks for dads to try are simple cornrows, braided buns, double-braids, low ponytails (for kids with slightly longer hair), or fun fades and undercuts if your little one has short hair.



Found the perfect hairstyle both you and your little ones are happy with? That’s great, just remember the haircare doesn’t end there.
When prepping to style or when undoing a hairstyle you may run into a few tangles. If you do happen to get any knots (which is bound to happen at some point) remember to stay calm and always apply a detangling product. This will help the process go way smoother and help to avoid any tears from your little one or yourself.

Organics Kids Funtangly Detangling Spray.

The Organics Kids Funtangly Detangling Hairspray helps make detangling a breeze. It softens and moisturises the hair, making it much easier to comb or brush out.


Love their hair

Dad and daughter playing at the beach
Source: Pexels

Probably the simplest, yet most important dads’ haircare trick is to love your kids’ hair.

After you wash, cut, style or detangle your little one’s hair, remember to compliment them. Their hair is something to be cherished and they should be proud of it. Telling your son or daughter that their hair is beautiful will not only make them proud of their hair, but also build confidence and self love for the future.


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