Spray Wax Hair Product: The Secret to Nailing Messy ‘Second Day’ Hair in Under a Minute

Miriam Herst | 10 January 2018

Use this salon secret tip for the perfect head of ‘second day’ hair.

These days, celebrity hairstylists and boutique salon owners alike have been showcasing their hairstyle portfolios on Instagram on the daily. From permanent posts on their feeds that include detailed captions to quickly ephemeral Instastories showcasing their top secret tips and tricks, the best products and techniques are now more easily accessible than they’ve ever been before. One of the most common styles we’ve seen being recreated all over the Instagram world is a lived-in, slept-in, ‘second day’ hair look. Learning how to create this trendy style on freshly washed locks, and managing to have them look on-trend rather than greasy, is nothing to scoff at. Stylists have a secret weapon when it comes to creating this style, and today we’re sharing it with you. Spray wax hair product is the unexpected secret to nailing the ‘second day’ hair feel. Finding the right spray wax hair product for your hair needs and texture can be tricky, but thankfully we’ve found one that works for virtually everyone. Read on:

The Spray Wax Hair Product for You

spray wax hair two girls long hair
Use this product to add a touch of texture to any look.

One common mistake that people often make when they’re getting their hair done for a big event is showing up to the stylist’s chair with freshly washed locks. Hair that’s just been washed has been stripped of all its natural oils and can be somewhat slippery and therefore difficult to work with. Second- or third-day hair has a bit of a hold and its own unique texture that’s often easier for the stylist to work with. Whether you’re looking for a way to recreate this hold as you prep your strands for a big event or you simply want to mimic that ‘second day’ hair texture for a more casual look, you’ll want to learn how to make use of the magic that is wax hair product.

S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax is one of our top go-to products when it comes to hair wax. This product is formulated of a blend of unique ingredients that are combined together to add texture, movement and hold for a perfect finish. This product fights humidity and adds shine and you can layer it for even more hold and texture.


Use this hair wax as the base of a more complicated updo style and run it through your dry hair to prep your strands for all the braiding, twisting, and pinning it’s about to endure. You’ll find that your hair will be more flexible and willing to bend because it’s been prepped with product and your bobby pins will stay right where you put them.

Alternatively, work hair wax through dry strands to add a touch of texture to your already-dry hair. This will give your hair dimension and a beautiful textured finish worthy of a celebrity stylist’s Instagram feed.

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