Runway Hairstyle Idea from the Marissa Webb Show at NYFW

The easiest way to rock an undone look that's undeniably chic.

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The key to turning an understated style from undone and unruly to chic and model-worthy is applying the right hair care products and including a few strategically placed twists. Every model on the runway at Marissa Webb’s 2016 NYFW show wore a version of this easy runaway hairstyle as they proved that wearing an effortless style can still mean rocking a put-together vibe. This parted twist bun is easy to create and will quickly become a staple in your hairstyle routine.

This style works on clean hair, second or third day strands, and every hair texture and type. Keep reading for a quick tutorial for how to create this runway style featuring a parted twist bun that was a huge hit at NYFW.

Runway Hairstyle: How to Create a Parted Twist Bun

create a Runway Hairstyle using dry shampoo to create a parted twist bun
A staple of every runway-ready look: dry shampoo!

Step 1: Refresh your hair with dry shampoo.

Spray the TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo through to refresh your hair. This also allows you to start off with a clean base before you create this runway hairstyle.

create a ponytail to create a parted twist bun

Step 2: Section your hair off and create a ponytail.

Part your hair down the middle and section it off so that there’s one small section on each side of your head and one low down in the back. Create a low ponytail using the small section in the back and secure it with a hair tie. Clip the front sections out of your way so that you can create a streamlined ponytail with ease.

twist sides to create a parted twist bun

Step 3: Twist the side sections.

Create this style’s signature attention to detail by twisting the front sections away from your face. Twist them until they’ve reached the ponytail and pin them into place at the base of the style.

twist ponytail into a bun to create parted twist bun

Step 4: Create the bun.

Section the ponytail into two separate pieces and twist them around each other. When you’ve reached the end of your hair wrap the ponytail up and around itself to create a bun. Pin that into place.

parted twist bun finished look

Step 5: Finish off with a mist of hairspray.

Pull out a few pieces around your face for an edgy finish and spray a mist of the TRESemmé Tres Two Freeze Hold Hairspray. Hooray-you’ve created a fashion week-worthy style in under five minutes that’ll works for virtually any occasion.

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