Best Hair Products to Snag On Cyber Monday

Ready, set, shop!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, it’s not Christmas yet, but when sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around, it feels like Santa got a head start on the holiday delivery. If you’re anything like us, you use this time to buy presents at reasonable price points to stretch your dollar while still getting some high quality goodies. We also love to scour Cyber Monday deals to find the best tools and products that’ll help us get the best hair year ever (and beyond!). Ahead, we’ve rounded up a quick guide on what you should look for when browsing through the Internet for the best ways to get bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing styling tools:

Cyber Monday: 4 Hair Products to Buy

cyber monday blowdryer
Get bang for your buck by scoring a great hair dryer during Cyber Monday!

1. Blowdryer

We’ve all been down the road where we needed a simple blowdryer to achieve a quick and easy hairstyle at home, so we buy a cheap one to get the job done. However, after a few months that blowdryer either damages our hair over time, or has to be thrown out because it no longer works. For the best Cyber Monday deals, check out your favorite beauty chains or local drugstores. If the deal makes sense, invest in an ionic blowdryer, which can help cut your drying time in half, and prevent damaged hair since they are designed to help retain moisture during the blow-drying process.

2. Silk Pillowcases

Time and time again we praise the benefits of using silk pillowcases—they help prevent dry hair, tangles and knots while you sleep, not to mention apparently protect the skin on your face from wrinkles and creases. However, some silk pillowcases are sold at a pretty hefty price point. Take advantage of snagging one during Cyber Monday. Pro tip: Get a pillowcase in a color that matches your bed set!

cyber monday curling iron
Add a new and effective curling iron to your styling arsenal for the holidays.

3. Curling Iron

Not all curling irons are created equal (and that’s a good thing). Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to build your curling iron collection! When shopping, look for a curling wand that helps give you flawless wave hairstyles, or look for curling irons with a large barrel for loose curls or a skinny barrel for tight curls.

4. Flat Iron

It’s finally time to get rid of that flat iron that’s been snagging your hair as you glide it down each section of your hair. Flat irons that are coated tend to chip. When shopping for a flat iron deal during Cyber Monday, read the details before getting excited about the sale price. What to look for? Make sure the tool has ceramic or tourmaline plates as opposed to being coated; choose a flat iron that allows you to control the temperature.

After you’ve made your purchases, learn how you can use your new tools to style your hair while you wait for delivery! Here’s how you can flat iron hair in a flash, and how you can create curling wand curls.