DIY beer rinsing on hair

Beer Rinsing: Should You Use Booze on Your Hair?

What you should know before giving your hair the beer treatment. 

Strength and shine — two things almost every girl is after when it comes to getting healthier-looking hair. And with St. Patty’s Day finally here, we have a little treat for you. Here’s a hint: You may want to stock up on some extra ale for your post holiday hair care routine. And no, we don’t mean you’ll be needing it to lounge around and sip some more.

Beer rinsing is a huge DIY hair trend that’s been around for quite some time. In short: beer rinsing is said to be one of those at-home hair remedies that can strengthen and provide your hair with a sultry amount of shine. Before we actually put the trend to the test we’ve enlisted the help of Unilever‘s Senior Hair Care Manager, Leon Van Gorkom to weigh in on washing hair with beer from a scientific perspective. Read on to see if this hair care trend is bottoms up, or bottoms down.

Beer Rinsing: Celebrate St. Patty’s with Hair Care

beer rinsing red hair
Get your hair holiday ready! Photo Credit: Craig Alexander

1. Is treating hair with beer safe?

The first thing we wanted to know is whether or not beer rinsing is safe. For one, it does contain alcohol which can be drying and for two, beer is sticky! Leon tells us “Yes, it is safe to rinse hair with beer. As long as you’re not drunk in the shower using it.”

2. What ingredients in beer are beneficial to hair?

According to Leon, “Beer is mainly water with a certain level of alcohol, however, some of the other ingredients like wheat or yeast can have a little bit of protein in it. I think the benefits of beer are highly overrated.” To wit: This may not be enough protein to really strengthen your hair strands but it may help, just a little.

3. Does beer rinsing help hair with shine?

Many believe that beer, like apple cider vinegar, adds shine to their hair. Leon, on the other hand, begs to differ: “I don’t think it does anything beyond what normal water would do to your hair.”

4. Our Thoughts

Since beer washing is safe, there’s no harm in testing it out on your hair (just be sure to thoroughly rinse it out and follow-up with a shampoo). Your experience may differ from another person’s experience based on your hair type and the type of booze you use. But if you really want shiny and strong hair, we suggest sticking to products that tout to strengthen and add sheen. After all, like beer, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to try.

5. Other Ways to Get Healthy Looking Hair

For one, it all begins with employing good hair habits into your hair care routine. In addition (as mentioned above), you can get hair care products that boost strength and shine without breaking the bank. Wash with a duo like Love Beauty and Planet Soothe and Nourish Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner to give your hair a soothing and gentle cleanse that will also provide the strength and shine it craves.

Adding a moisturizing hair mask once a week to your hair care routine will also help bring back strength and get your strands to that shiny and healthy level you’re after. We have been loving Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Spa Recovery Mask for that extra injection of nourishment.

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