Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Hats with Hair: An Insider’s Look at the AdornA Collection by Milano Wigs

A peek into the fabulous AdornA Collection.

One of the downsides of wearing hair extensions and wigs is dealing with the inevitable weight of someone else’s hair on your head. Whether you’re a clip-in extensions kind of girl in search of extra length and volume, covering your hair for religious reasons, or dealing with hair loss, you are probably familiar with the discomfort associated with any method of hair covering: sharp clips that tug at your roots, heavy weight that stresses the hair underneath and causes breakage, and even headaches from the extended hours of additional pressure on your head.

But what if wearing a full head of thick and beautiful hair was as comfortable as falling back on one of your favorite hats? The AdornA Collection by Milano Wigs is the answer to all of these common challenges that are often associated with hair covering. Thick, richly-colored hair extensions are available at three different lengths (16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches) along with interchangeable hats that the hair attaches to. Switching the extensions between hats is simple with the patented velcro-like fabric that’s attached to a strip at the top of the hair and lines the entire inside of each hat. The full-coverage lining inside each signature AdornA hat means that you can place the hair as high or as low as you want and rock different lengths with ease. 

Insider’s Look at the AdornA Collection by Milano Wigs

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I pulled a piece of my own hair out of the front of the hat and blended it into the extension for a more natural look.

During a recent visit to the Milano’s Brooklyn showroom, I tried on a piece that perfectly matched my own, grown-out balayage hair. My natural hair isn’t so different from the thickness and length of the piece I tried, yet the upgrade was remarkable. Long, silky, loose curls cascaded down from underneath the brim of each hat I tried, and I couldn’t stop running my hands through the ends of the hair. I toured the showroom and until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I genuinely forgot I was wearing someone else’s hair.

Need a new hair regimen?
AdornA Collection
A soft and comfortable beanie is perfect for the chillier weather.

A pocket that sits at the back of the piece holds your gathered natural hair and the weight of the extension sits entirely on the hat itself. It has the ease of wearing a low messy bun, crossed with the comfort of a soft beanie; all while reaping the benefits of long, glamorous curls. Did I mention that the hair smelled amazing, too? The line extends to include pieces that attach to the front of the hat, as well. The AdornA Bang Hair Extension and AdornA Shaper Hair Extension slide underneath the brim of the hat to allow for a look that’s even more natural.

Milano caters to women of all of backgrounds who are looking for wigs for various purposes. The showroom is situated in the heart of one of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, and the majority of customers are religious brides purchasing their first wigs and seasoned veterans returning for an upgrade. The showroom also acts as a full-service salon where women bring their wigs to be washed, colored and cut. Additionally, the company specializes in helping women with medical conditions that lead to hair loss.

AdornA is a crowd-pleaser across the board and is especially popular among younger women who are committed to finding a fashionable and comfortable way to cover their hair. And even for those who aren’t struggling with hair loss and have no obligation to tuck it away, AdornA provides a hassle and pain-free way to experiment with your style and look incredible doing it.

Looking for more about wigs? Check out our interview with prominent Orthodox Jewish bloggers discussing their experience with wigs.

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Need a new hair regimen?
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