How To Curl Asian Hair Professionally At Home

Curls that last for hours.

How to curl Asian hair is one of the most searched keywords lately, and we did some research. Traditionally, Asian hair strands are thicker and stronger than other ethnic hair. These unique combinations make the hair rebelliously straight and difficult to curl, but not impossible. Here we’ll give you some expert tips to make beautiful, long-lasting, defined curls.

Make Curls On Dry Hair Only

How To Curl Asian Hair red hair
The key to curling Asian hair is to use a thickening spray. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

We already determined that Asian hair is thick, straight, and rebellious, which means, hard to style. For this reason, Asian hairstyles recommend making curls on dry hair. Ideally, you should sleep either with rollers or sock rollers or make curls for at least a couple of hours before going out.

Prep Your Hair With Thickening Spray

How To Curl Asian Hair
Prep each hair section with hair spray before curling it. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

In order for the curls to set is necessary to prep your hair with a thickening spray. We particularly love the results of TRESemmé Volumizing Hair Thickening Spray. The best thing about this product is that it concentrates on the roots creating volume there. Another great benefit of this product is that this product can be applied on wet or dry hair. For Asian hair, we recommend applying it to dry hair only. Apply it eight inches away from the root spraying the mist along the hair to the ends.

How To Curl Asian Hair With The Right Tools

How To Curl Asian Hair black hair
A thickening cream is an ideal product to seal your curls. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

After applying the thickening spray, detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. After all the tangles are out of your hair, proceed to section it. The key is to divide the hair into as many sections as possible. Start by making two sections as if you were doing a half-up but using the same amount of hair. Next, divide each section into eight sections; four on the top and four on the bottom. After that, put away the top section, and concentrate on the bottom four. First, apply hairspray in each section at a time. We like TRESemmé Total Volume Hair Spray. Then curl each section with a curling iron, and while the curl is warm, roll it onto itself and secure it with hair pins.

Seal The Style With Thickening Cream

The longer you wait to take the hair pins out, the better. Additionally, spray a bit of the thickening spray on the curls in the hair pins to add extra hold and volume. Next, take the hair pins out, and comb your curls with your fingers. The main difference between how to curl Asian hair and other hair types is the seal in the finish. For other hair types, hair spray is the last step for Asian hair and is a thickening cream. We recommend Suave Thick Look Thickening Cream. Lastly, apply a tiny bit of the cream to the curls to seal them for hours.

Now that you know how to curl Asian hair, what curly hairstyles are you going to wear?

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