Why Washing Hair with Just Water Is Good for Some Hair Types

Its better for your hair than you think.

Washing hair with just water may sound like an unusual thing to do. However, there are actually some benefits to occasionally washing your hair with just water, especially if you are struggling with a dry scalp. Check out the All Things Hair guide below about this washing technique to see how it may benefit you and your routine. 

What is Washing Hair With Just Water, and Why Is it Beneficial?

washing hair with just water
Washing your hair with just water has several health benefits. Photo by Erick Larregui.

Washing your hair with just water is the process of leaving out shampoo and conditioner when cleaning up your mane. Those with a dry scalp or who easily become irritable to several products often find relief by skipping out on shampoo and conditioner every now and then. Many shampoos are known to “over-cleanse” your scalp and strip your hair of natural oils, especially when used more than necessary which may cause a dry scalp.

The overall purpose of this washing technique is to promote the production of natural oils on your scalp and prevent dry scalp over time. Adding on to this, if you are getting used to your natural hair for the first time, washing your hair without water can allow you to learn about your hair and its texture in its natural state. 

When to Wash Your Hair With Just Water

clean hair after hairwash
Space out your washes to avoid drying out your scalp and hair. Photo by Adrian Fernández.

Everyone’s hair-washing routine looks different based on hair type and activity level. However, if you are a naturalista and have a moderate activity level, washing your hair every 5-7 days is recommended. 

In between those 5-7 days, if you need to quickly get rid of product build-up, or if you feel your mane needs a refresher for the week, then you should use the method of washing with water alone as opposed to doing your full wash-day routine.

Additionally, if 5-7 days have passed since your last wash day with products, and you feel as though you can hold out your current hairstyle another few days, then this is another great time to implement washing hair with just water into your schedule. Overall, washing hair with just water is a great method to use when bridging a gap in-between wash days with products. 

Tips for Washing Hair With Just Water

When washing hair with just water, it is best to scrub with warm water (not too hot!). This will aid in breaking down any product buildup or dirt on your scalp. Then, transition to cool water to rinse your hair at the end of your wash. Using cold water during your hair wash will aid in sealing in moisture and preserving your hair’s natural oils. Cold water has even been known to improve scalp blood circulation, which in turn helps to boost hair growth. 

After washing hair with just water, it is very important that you keep your hair moisturized, especially before styling, and especially if you have dry hair. The Good Stuff Intensive Nourishment Cream is great for keeping your hair nourished and moisturized after a hair wash. 

How to Treat Dry Scalp on Regular Wash Days

dry afro hair
Learn how to maximize your wash days. Photo by Moa Király.

On days when it’s time to fully wash your hair with more than just water, it is important to use products that still are catering to the nourishment of your scalp. The BHS Full & Strong Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner are great products to start off with. Both products tackle dry scalp and dandruff in a gentle and nourishing way. They are also sulfate free! 

Will you be trying this washing technique? Share your journey with us by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also, for more hair inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below. 

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