Qué es el cuero cabelludo reseco y cómo decirle adiós ¡para siempre!

Existen poderosos motivos por los que deberías prestar atención a tu cuero cabelludo reseco. Te los contamos y revelamos algunos consejos para remediarlo rápidamente.

Beyond an aesthetic issue, a dry scalp is a hair health issue. And it is that although it can cause your hair to look disheveled and lifeless, it can also be the origin of severe problems such as dandruff or even hair loss.

Fortunately, eradicating it is easier than you think. Of course, it requires a meticulous analysis to discover the cause of the condition and the corrective measures that you must implement. Are you ready to start?

There are many factors that can dry out the scalp. To easily identify and eradicate them, trichologists divide them into two groups: internal and external agents.

Internal causes

On the one hand, internal causes are those that, although they depend on us to a certain extent, are not easily identifiable as they are related to the integral functioning of the body. Among the most common are:

  • Physical or emotional stress .
  • Age.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

External causes

While external problems refer to factors that arise when directly subjecting the scalp to adverse conditions such as:

  • Discoloration and dyeing.
  • Excessive use of heat tools.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Sudden changes in temperature between each season.
  • Use of unsuitable products and accessories.
Brunette woman with wavy black hair
Although it may not seem like it, a dry scalp is a more common problem than you think. Credit: All Things Hair.

Manifest great tension

The skin on your scalp feels stiff, tight, and limp, just as if it has been burned in the sun.

You feel extreme itchiness

You constantly have the urge to scratch — even when you sleep — as you feel a slight itch all over the area.

You have irritation

Your scalp looks red and burns when you try to comb or wash your hair.

You notice a slight flaking

Every time you scratch or comb your hair, small white and dry flakes or that look like fine powder come off.

Although it is very true that they have similar symptoms and, even, that dandruff is one of the many consequences of a dry scalp, there is a noticeable difference between the two problems.

When we talk about hair dryness, we are faced with a severe dehydration problem derived from multiple factors linked to health and lifestyle. Instead, dandruff is a condition resulting from a bacterial and fungal reaction, which arises from excess oiliness or lack of hydration.

Space the washes

The scalp depends on the natural oils it produces to stay healthy and hydrated. Washing your hair frequently tends to remove them, interfering with the natural lubrication process.

At least while you face this problem, space the washes as much as your hair allows.

Choose a hydrating wash system

The products you use daily can significantly improve the condition of your scalp. Make sure to choose super-hydrating formulas like TRESemmé Deep Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner . Both contribute to restoring hydration and strength to your hair thanks to its formula with vitamin E and omega 9.

But, if your main concern is to develop dandruff as a result of dryness, the Folicuré Control Dandruff Hydration Shampoo 2 in 1 will help you prevent it. Its formula with folysaccharides, panthenol and biotin is an excellent moisturizer!

Do not abuse the water temperature

It is best to wash your hair with warm or cold water, to prevent high temperatures from continuing to dry out the scalp.

Improve your styling routine

Forget about tight hairstyles, aggressive brushing, and avoid applying chemical-laden products.

We recommend purchasing a brush with soft bristles and styling products made with extracts of natural ingredients, such as Savilé Keratin gel . Its alcohol-free formula is ideal for styling and fixing your hair, achieving a controlled mane without dryness.

Take care of your diet

Your diet can be the cause of your dry scalp. A balanced diet provides the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your hair in optimal condition.

Make sure you are getting vitamin E, D, omega 3, and biotin, as well as being adequately hydrated.

Trust in natural masks

The homemade masks are good choices to moisturize the scalp as long as they are accompanied by a specialized treatment and appropriate action taken.

Use blends that combine aloe vera , banana , avocado , coconut , tea tree, or castor oil pulp . They are highly moisturizing!

Give heat tools a break

Especially to the dryer! It will help you eradicate dry scalp and keep the hair strand much healthier, keeping you away from porosity , breakage and split ends .


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