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Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men

Thinking about trying out an undercut? Or maybe you're looking for the latest new hairstyles that’ll work for your hair length and type, no matter the occasion? And, we’ll take a guess: You probably want something quick and easy that doesn’t take much too time or effort, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re thinking of trying the trendy man bun, fun mohawk, undercut, or a cool quiff—or want know the differences between hair paste, pomade, and wax—you’ll find everything you need to know about men’s hairstyles and cuts here.

Do you want a sharp short back and sides or a daring fade haircut? Not sure what they are? You won’t need to spend ages looking for the answer with our experts and editors on hand. We’ll unwrap some of the tricky terminology within the men’s hair world, in order to increase your knowledge and help you understand exactly what it is you want. Trust us, getting the right haircut will become a breeze next time you visit your barber. So, whether your hair is thick or thin (or thinning!), or you want to figure out how to deal with baldness, we’ve got your back.

From simple tips and tricks to expert guides and detailed tutorials showing you how to style your hair to perfection, you’ll never miss a trick again. And then there’s the products: from paste and wax, gel to pomade, these are your bathroom cabinet heroes. Understanding what they do and how they work is something you’ll master.

And if you want to see which gents are rocking the coolest hairstyles around, click through our galleries dedicated to different hair types and trends: from Asian men’s hairstyles to black men’s hairstyles and everything in between, we’ve got everything you’ll want to know right here, plus the best ways to style them now.