10 Best Hair Colour Ideas for Women in 2020


Sasha Luss with straight medium length platinum hair colour wearing a monochrome tartan jacket.
Stand out from the crowd with a platinum hair colour. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The hair world has gone wild for platinum hues lately thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Solange. If you’re thinking of going for this striking hue, we suggest seeking the help and advice from a professional to achieve the colour.



woman with long blonde hair and a fringe
Source: Adobe Stock

Want to give your hair colour a supermodel makeover? Make like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and give your tresses a shimmery golden finish. We suggest this colour for boosting naturally blonde hair.

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Dirty blonde

girl with long brown-blonde ombre hair
Source: Unsplash

Calling all brunettes! If you are looking for hair colour ideas for the summer, you’ll simply adore this dirty blonde shade. It’s the perfect transitional colour to take your brown locks blonde, and best of all when your natural colour starts to grow through, you can turn your hue into an ombre.



woman with big blonde curly hair
Source: Unsplash

When we think of gorgeous strawberry blonde hair colour ideas, we immediately think of Emma Stone. Hair colour styles like this strawberry blonde hue bring a warmth to the skin meaning it can work all year round.



woman with curly hair copper shade
Source: Adobe Stock

No hair colour chart is complete without the much-loved copper. The wonderfully vibrant hue has been spotted on everyone from Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan to Drew Barrymore and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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Rebecca Rittenhouse with medium length wavy auburn hair colour wearing a black top.
Auburn hair colour ideas will tempt you to go red. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Bringing together a mix of deep red and glossy chestnut brown shades, this sultry hair colour will wonder on fair and deep skin tones.



woman with long ash blonde curly hair and blue head scarf
Source: Adobe Stock

This cool-toned ash hue is one of the most popular hair colour ideas, working on both blondes as well as brunettes.



wavy brown hair with golden balayage highlights
Source: Unsplash

Give your brunette tresses a summery sun-kissed update by opting for a golden brown shade. Why not follow in the footsteps of so many A-listers and ask your hair colourist for a golden balayage.

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woman with curly caramel-brown hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Caramel hues are one of most sought-after hair colours thanks to their universal appeal. Even the deepest shades of brown can be given a caramel overhaul with the use of highlights, balayage or ombre. Or for an all over hue, check out the queen of caramel hair, Beyoncé for inspiration.



woman with brown braids hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

This chocolate brown hue is one for all you olive, tanned and deep skin ladies. The rich deep hue is irresistible due to its sultry appeal, not to mention it will make green and hazel eyes pop.


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