Embracing our roots: Celebrate Africa Day with an iconic hairdo

The hairstyle choice you make isn’t always just about your style or looking good, sometimes the choices we make are inspired by our culture, heritage and personality. Which (in our opinion) makes the ‘do even more beautiful.

With World Africa Day here, we think it’s the perfect time to get creative and showcase our African culture. Embrace your roots by creating a uniquely African look to celebrate the day. And if you’re stuck, we’ve got you covered with a few iconic hairdos that you can rock as is or personalise to suit your style. Check them out below.


1. Patterned undercut and curls

Africa Day_undercut curls
Source: Pexels

A stylish and sizzling cut that’s iconically paired with natural curls and ‘fros. To make it your own, choose a unique colour or customise your undercut design – traditional shapes and patterns work perfectly on this hairdo.

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2. Braided rosettes

Braided rosettes
Source: Pexels

Intricate and regal is the best way to describe this braided look. Different braiding techniques have been passed down from generation to generation in many African cultures. And over time these braids have been tweaked to create something as unique as this braided rosette ‘do (hands down…a show stopper).


3. Draped locs & accessories

Iconic hairdo_draped locs
Source: Pexels

“Locs swinging down her back like Rapunzel”, may have been made popular by a Lil Wayne song, but we think a “locs updo” is just as cool. Twirl and drape your locs up and over the top of your head to create this look. Add a few pins to secure the style and finish off with a beaded headband (or whatever accessory you’re drawn to this Africa Day).


4. Braided crown

Africa Day_Braided crown
Source: Pexels

Another iconic hairdo that is hard not to love is this braided crown. With braids meticulously draped around and across your hairline, you’re definitely going to feel like royalty. The addition of beads takes this look to the next level… and again, makes it perfect to personalise!

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5. Beaded tendrils

Beaded tendrils hairstyle
Source: Pexels

Recently this iconic beaded tendril style has been made popular by the comeback of 2000’s fashion. And we totally understand why – the combination of the two simple strands of hair and wooden beads elevates a simple look into something effortlessly stylish. And paired with your natural crown or a head wrap makes it a definite winner to celebrate Africa Day.

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6. Half-up buns & braids

Half-up buns & braids_iconic

A take on the traditional style Bantu knots, this iconic hairdo exudes confidence and power. Create as many “buns” as desired using the top section of your braids and leave the bottom half down.

If you prefer a sleek hairline, use a small amount of the TRESemmé Volume & Lift Styling Mousse to lay your edges.


7. Wrapped locs

Wrapped locs
Source: Pexels

Last but not least, a hairdo that’s fierce, vibrant and perfect for Africa Day. Choose your favourite colour cotton or a finely woven material (the brighter, the better) and securely wrap each individual loc, starting from the top of your head. This hairdo may look intimidating, but is for sure worth it!

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