Cottagecore hairstyles: embrace a new aesthetic

If you’ve gone down the TikTok rabbit hole this past year (be honest, TikTok is just a bit addictive) you may have come across the Cottagecore aesthetic. This aesthetic is most popular among GenZ and is inspired by a romanticised view of old-fashioned, simple country living. Also known as Countrycore, this aesthetic focuses on the idea of living in harmony with nature, while subtly rejecting fast-paced modern living. As a lifestyle, it embraces a stronger take on femininity — women (and POC women in particular) may have been looked down on in decades and centuries past, but it’s time to take back our power.

The cottagecore aesthetic has a romantic flair with flow dresses, puffy sleeves, floral patterns and layers. But as we know, hair completes every look. So what are the ideal cottagecore hairstyles? Keep reading to find out.


Long, layered waves

Woman with long blonde hair inspired by Cottagecore
Source: Unsplash

Long hair is always a vibe, but relaxed layers is what makes this ‘do fit so perfectly into the cottagecore aesthetic. Pair it up with subtle highlights or a golden hair colour to take it to the next level.

Toni & Guy Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray - product image

Play up the relaxed wavy texture with a light hold, texturising hairspray. The Toni&Guy Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray is a perfect choice for this as it won’t flake or make your hair sticky or crunchy.



Woman wearing a patterned headscarf
Source: Unsplash

Accessories are a staple part of the cottagecore aesthetic. The number 1 accessory is definitely the humble headscarf, though you could also opt for bows and other neutral-toned accessories.



Woman wearing a bright headwrap inspired by cottagecore
Source: Unsplash

Why stop at a headscarf? Look like a traditional queen with your hair up in a pretty headwrap.


Stretched afro

Woman with an orange coloured stretched afro
Source: Unsplash

Show off the beauty of your natural hair with an afro. Stretching it out will give it that natural look that fits so well with the cottagecore aesthetic.


Flower crown braid

Woman with a flower crown braid inspired by cottagecore
Source: Unsplash

Okay, so this is actually two looks in one. Here, the classic halo braid meets flower accessories woven skilfully into the braid. This soft-but-practical feminine look epitomises the whole cottagecore aesthetic.

Keep flyaways at bay with a quick fritz of a firm hold hairspray. Avoid using a strong hold spray, as you want your hairstyle to have a relaxed look. The VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray is perfect for this, and it smells amazing.



woman with long braids and a flower in her hair inspired by cottagecore
Source: Unsplash

Don’t have the time to weave flowers into your braids? Place one behind your ear, or use a clip-on flower accessory instead. Pull your braids back into a half-up style, and you have the perfect, utilitarian-but-pretty cottagecore hairdo.


Natural curls

woman with naturally curly brown hair
Source: Unsplash

Embrace the simplicity of the cottagecore lifestyle by opting for a simple wash & go. Fluff out your curls and you’re ready to roll.

For this look your want that va-va-volume. We recommend using a volumising mousse, like the VO5 Extra Body Styling Mousse.


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