Taurus hairstyles: Go-to looks for the most down-to-earth zodiac sign

Looking for a style to reflect your Taurean self? We’ve got you covered!

Although Taurus are often associated with being the ‘stubborn bull’, they’re way more complex in personality. As one of the earth zodiac signs, Taurus are known to be earthy, practical people that appreciate nature. They’re also known to be patient, romantic, family-orientated and super loyal.

Now for a style to match that personality, as an earthy beauty the more natural, effortless looks may appeal to you, but by no means does this mean boring! Here’s our list of go-to Taurus hairstyles to get inspired.


Side Swept Hair

Woman with side swept Taurus inspired hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

A side-swept look is a super simple style that will let you accentuate your natural locks. To recreate this look all you need to do is gather your hair to one side and secure with a few hairpins (plain or bedazzled – it’s totally up to you!).


Braided updo

Woman wearing a high braided updo
Source: Adobe Stock

Looking for a down-to-earth ‘do that you can have some fun with? This Braided Updo may be the one. It’s a classic style, but can be personalised so that it’s far from boring…To customise the look get creative with your braid pattern or accessorise the updo with a few clips.

Want to keep your edges perfectly in place? Use a small dap of the VO5 Sculpted Firm Hold Styling Gel to gently lay the edges around your braided ‘do.


Long, thick waves

brown hair: long, thick waves Taurus inspired hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

These longer, sexy waves are definitely a romantic Taurus’ dream. The length and volume will add a bold feel to your look, whilst still being super easy to achieve.

Toni & Guy Volume Addiction Shampoo - product image

To give your hair maximum volume, prep with the TONI&GUY Volume Addiction Shampoo and Conditioner before styling.


Soft Updo

woman with blonde hair wearing a soft updo
Source: Adobe Stock

Elegant and romantic is what comes to mind with this Soft Updo – which makes it the perfect Taurus inspired ‘do. It’s great for a night out, or to give your day look a touch of glam.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil_front of bottle image_50ml_product image

To make the look extra soft and sultry leave a few loose strands of hair around your face and apply some TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil for a smooth finish.


Bangs and curls

Bangs and curls hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Straight bangs and curly hair may seem a bit odd at first, but this contrast actually makes a pretty great pairing (kind of like our stubborn yet patient Taurus). Let your curls or waves flow naturally and use a flat iron to straighten only your bangs. Allow them to fall into place and rock from day to night.


Flower accessories

woman with a flower crown: Taurus inspired accessory
Source: Unsplash

One of our favourite Taurus inspired hair accessories are flowers. Big or small, in a crown or on a single hairpin, flowers will take your natural curls or waves to a new level. Not only does this look cute, but it is a pleasant reminder of nature’s beauty.

To keep your natural curls looking like the real crown in this look, we suggest trying a good leave-in conditioner. The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner is a great moisturising and protective layer to add to your natural hair. Apply the product and gently comb through your natural curls with a wide-tooth comb to evenly coat the hair. The organic shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil help nourish each curl — leaving your hair looking its best!



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