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What’s in My Hair Today: TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner

These two are now must-have products in my shower.

Over the last year I’ve gone from being a natural brunette to full-on blonde, to a grown-out soft ombre, and most recently back to my natural brown. As you can imagine, my hair has been through a lot of bleaching, indecision and plenty of abuse in the last year that’s in a pretty constant need of TLC these days. Tired of trying and failing to get my ombre to the coveted ashy shade of the models on my ever-crowded Pinterest board, I finally decided to go back to brunette once and for all. It’s the best hair-related decision I’ve made in years. I’m happy to be back to my natural color and thrilled to stop having to crowd my shower with an array of purple shampoos and conditioners to keep my ends from getting brassy. My wash and care duo of choice is the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Conditioner. Read on to learn more about my experience with this duo:

TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner

TRESemme Color Shampoo and Conditioner
Happy to be back to my natural color.

In search of a shampoo and conditioner that would hydrate my dried out strands without doing damage to my glossy new brown color, I decided to try the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Conditioner. The system uses green tea, rosemary and sunflower to cleanse your hair and replenish moisture without stripping your hair of color. Bonus: it promises to keep your color vibrant for up to eight weeks!


TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo

tres color revitalize shampoo 28oz

I’ll be honest: when my stylist first revealed my new color to me, I freaked out a little. It was a shade or two darker than my natural color and I was worried it made my already pale skin look even paler. Especially when I was used to seeing myself with blonde ends for the last year. With a few washes using my old shampoo and conditioner and a week or two spent getting used to it, the color faded a bit and I completely fell in love. Once I was happy with the slightly faded but still vibrant shade of brown, I started using this TRESemmé duo and haven’t looked back since. My hair has felt strong and healthy and my new color has held up particularly well. My strands and scalp feel fresh and clean after every wash and my hair has been significantly easier to style, too.

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