14 Spring Break Hair Looks to Try Out on Your Mini-Break

Going away for spring break? Check out these awesome spring break hairstyles that you can easily rock on your adventure.

You’re probably pretty psyched that it’s almost spring break! Whether you’re soaking up the rays at the beach or traveling to Europe, you’re going to need a variety of cool spring break hair looks. Sure, you could go for your regular hairstyle but we love that a vacation can be a good excuse to try out something new on our hair! It’s not like you need to get up early, right? Plenty of time to work on your braiding or updo skills. Read on to get inspired by some of our favorite spring break hairstyle ideas.

Some of Our Favorite Spring Break Hair Looks

ute spring break hair looks: side braids
Messy side braids are the ultimate laid-back look.

1. Beachy Braid

Of course we had to include this beachy style. It’s quick, easy and keeps your hair off the back of your neck! Oh, and it’s super cute. To achieve this look, spritz some sea salt spray onto your hair to get that “just swam” texture. Then just create a simple three strand braid, keeping the weave nice and loose. Secure at the end and rough up the braid for even more texture, beach babe!

cute spring break hair looks: windswept hair
Windswept hair is always a good look.

2. Windswept Hair

Regardless if your windswept texture is from, you know, actual wind, we’re loving this look. It’s actually pretty easy to DIY, even if it’s just for a few Instagram pics. Follow our tutorial for faking windswept hair to try it yourself. Pair with an equally easy breezy outfit for the best results.

cute spring break hair looks: perfect waves
Sculpted waves that are almost real!

3. Perfected Waves

These waves are so relaxed, they almost look natural! And guess what? You only need a flat iron to create them. These easy flat iron waves are almost like the trendy scandi waves but even looser. We love to create this style and wear it with half updos and add in hidden accent braids, too!

cute spring break hair looks: space buns
Score some major ’90s vibes on your vacation. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Space Buns

Space buns are our one of our favorite trendy styles, we just can’t get enough! They are easy enough to do, and you can style them so many ways! Half-up space buns are a favorite, as well as braided space buns. This style is best for girls who want their hair out of their face with a funky, fashionable edge.

cute spring break hair looks: tight ponytail
The tighter the ponytail the better.

5. Tight, High Ponytail

Yes, it’s a ponytail but it’s a classic for a reason! A low-key hairstyle, we love a good ponytail that can define your face as it takes your hair off your neck. To keep any little flyaway hairs from wrecking your sleek style, you’ll need to set it with hairspray.

cute spring break hair looks: side braid half-updo
A cool side braided style to wear for casual and formal occasions alike.

6. Side Braid

This braided style is very unique! It’s kind of like a half-updo, because half of your hair is tied up in the braid. You’ll start off this style just like a braided headband but instead of pinning the braid by your ear, you’ll keep braiding it all the way down to the ends of your hair. Simple enough for such a cool style.

cute spring break hair looks: side pulled
Pin back one side of your hair for an asymmetrical style.

7. Dramatic Part

Another fun (and easy!) style is this fun half-pulled back look. Often dubbed as a dramatic part, this look is all about its signature deep side part where you can pin back the shorter side or leave it as is. You can go for a messy, rough look for the beach, or a slicked back style for nights out!

cute spring break hair looks: fishtail braid.
A chic fishtail braid is always a good idea.

8. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids just feel right for spring break hairstyles. There are so many ways you can wear fishtail braids, just think of any braided style and try a fishtail! But, you’ll need to be able to do that fishtail braid first, right? Follow our tutorial to recreate this easy fishtail side braid.

 cute spring break hair looks: low chignon and headband.
We’re obsessed with this orange and white look.

9. Easy Chignon

This style is great for outdoor formal events that may come up over spring break. This particular chignon, is really just a hair roll. Think pin curls, but with all of your hair! Roll your hair from the bottom right on up, and pin into place at the nape of your neck. Top it off with a bold headband for a chic look.

Woman wearing cute spring break hair looks: half up top knot.
Rock that top knot!

10. Half-Up Top Knot

Nothing’s better than half-up top knots. We love them because you can show off your hair, while keeping it out of your eyes. You just need to section off the top of your hair and twist into a bun. How you secure this style depends a lot on your hair type! Thicker hair types can get away with a simple hair tie and a bobby pin or two for straggler hairs. Thinner hair types may want to use a hair doughnut or other hair accessories that can create a voluminous bun.

cute spring break hair looks: blue sleek bob
Blue hair is cool in this bob, but totally optional.

11. Bob

Beach hair isn’t always easy to do. But, if rough wavy styles aren’t your jam, that’s okay too! You’ll just need to use a hair product that can beat the heat and humidity. We suggest doing a smooth blowout with a round brush to create this style. Before you start to dry your hair, apply some of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum to help keep your hair smooth and sleek all day!

cute spring break hair looks: braided crimps.
Overnight hairstyles are great options for spring break. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

12. Braided Waves

If you really can’t deal with doing your hair in the morning during spring break (we get that!) this style is for you. You do all the leg work the night before so you can wake up with beachy tight waves. These tight waves are created with several braids that set overnight, similar to how you can fake crimps with braids. Set it and forget it, then you can take the braids out the next morning!

cute spring break hair looks: natural frohawk
A fluffy fro-hawk we can all get behind. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

13. Natural Fro-Hawk

This funky style is a favorite of ours all year long. There is just something so cool about wearing curls in a fake mohawk! Check out our fro-hawk tutorial for a complete step-by-step.

cute spring break hair looks: boho braids
Braid your bangs right out of your face.

14. Boho Braided Bangs

One of our favorite braid secrets is that you don’t need to have hair to add on both sides. You can braid back your bangs for this cool hairstyle idea. You’ll need to start off like a regular braid, only adding more hair to the back side. You leave the front side as is that is sure to evoke some major boho vibes!

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