Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

6 Sleek Hairstyles We are Loving from NYFW

So sleek, so chic.

We’re so excited to be covering some shows for New York Fashion Week (more trend reports comin’ your way very soon), and have been loving eyeing the trends that have been hitting the runway this weekend. One look that we’ve been obsessing over are all of the sleek hairstyles that have been dominating the catwalk. With a combination of traditional sleek looks like the classic hair pulled back ‘do or the new sleek look with braids, it’s pretty apparent that this hairstyle trend is going to be big for 2017. Read on to check a few sleek hairstyles we have been loving and how you can rock this hairstyle on your own.

6 Sleek Hairstyles That Amaze

sleek hairstyles are a classic look from nyfw
The classic- so chic, so sleek. Photo credit:

1. Classic Sleek Hair

Let’s kick things off with a classic, shall we? Seen in the glory days of the ’80s, this gelled slicked back hair look is all about a controlled hairstyle with minimal movement. We can dig that. To achieve this fierce look, apply some of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel onto your dry or damp hair. Then brush your hair back as you create a tight ponytail or low bun. Top it off with some red lipstick to channel your inner ’80s music video look.

Sleek hairstyles with a side braid from nyfw
A sleek twist reinvents the classic look. Photo credit:

2. Sleek Side Twist

This modern looks combines the sleek hair look with an easy hair twist. What’s not to love?! To achieve this NYFW-inspired look, create a side or deep part and then apply gel to your hair for the sleek look. Bring your hair to the side as you twist or braid your hair. To fancy your hair up a bit, add in some metallic hair accessories and seal the deal with a hair tie.

Need a new hair regimen?
sleek hairstyles lob from NYFW
A sleek lob is on-point in 2017. Photo credit:

3. Sleek Lob

The lob is not going away anytime soon but you might need some ideas to spice up this look every now and again. One look we have been loving from NYFW is the sleek hair/lob combo. This look is all about the controlled base of your hair that serves as a quasi-headband as you show-off your sharp haircut.

sleek hairstyles from NYFW parted hair
A parted hairstyle is a great way to rock the sleek look. Photo credit:

4. Side Parted

While the traditional sleek hairstyle is all about the pulled back sleek look, we are digging the defined part. This can be a full-on dramatic part or a subtle side part. Have fun with this look that you can interchange whenever you want to.

sleek hairstyles from NYFW middle part
A sleek middle part is one of our favorite defined hairstyles. Photo credit:

5. Middle Part

The middle part is another classic sleek hairdo for a reason. It looks great on most face shapes and is beyond easy to create. To achieve, use your fingers to separate to guide your part that you master with a comb. Apply the gel to your hair and then brush your hair back as you form your pony or bun.

sleek hairstyles with a bob from NYFW
We can’t wait to see more fluffy bob and sleek hair combos this year. Photo credit:

6. Fluffy Bob

If you’re looking for a little less of the gelled-down look, try out this bob hairstyle that’s a little fluffy. While you’ll still need some gel, this look will require a little less that’ll slightly slick back your hair and tame any frizz or flyaways.

Looking for more sleek hairstyles? Learn more about how to get sleek straight hair.

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