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Editor’s Take: How My Nighttime Hair Routine Is Changing for Fall

How my nighttime hair routine is changing for fall.

My carefully designed every other day wash and care routine has gone out the window this summer. A daily sweat session at the gym paired with the thick summer heat that only the New York City subway system can provide has meant that I will not let my hair hit the pillow without a thorough wash. But with the arrival of fall I’ll be revamping my nighttime hair routine to include fewer washes and more dry shampoo. The cooler weather means that I can return to stretching out the time in between my hair washes and swap out my air-dry routine for my coveted bouncy curls. Curious to hear how my nighttime hair routine is changing? Read on:

How My Nighttime Hair Routine Is Changing

nighttime hair routine
Make your pre-sleep hair routine as effective as possible.

I like to stretch my washes as long as I can but realistically that’s usually only two to three days. I use TRESemmé Thick & Full Shampoo and Conditioner to amp up my thick hair. I love that it starts off my style with long-lasting volume that will stay visible all throughout my styling process all the way through to the finished look.

After the shower, I squeeze out any excess water using my towel and then rough dry my hair with a blow dryer. Even rough drying can be quite the arm workout so I don’t worry too much about smoothing out my hair and focus more on getting it dry and adding volume. I’ll spend a good portion of this process with my head upside down to create as much volume in my roots as possible.

Once my hair is completely dry I’ll work my way through the layers adding curls with my 1-inch curling iron. After they all cool off, I break them down with my fingers so they’re messy and loose. Then I’ll mist them with Dove Style + Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray to lock the finished look in place. Once the hairspray has set, I throw my hair up into a messy bun to sleep in. I find my curls hold the best when they’re clipped up safely from all my tossing and turning all night.

For the next few nights I’ll spray Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo into my roots before bed and sleep with my hair in a messy bun. Even when all my hair is tied up and out of my face I find that I’ll still wake up with oily roots. This dry shampoo takes care of that day’s oil and works overtime through the night.

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