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How to Achieve Model Off Duty Hair

Because your hair should be as casually glam as you are.

It’s no surprise that street style has been hitting major runways the past few seasons. One of our favorite looks paired with this style is the popular tousled look we now call model off duty hair. The name comes from the hairstyles that runway models have when they’re not working or walking from show to show. That said, this look ranges from highly conceptual from when they came from a previous designer runway show to squeaky clean and fresh-out-of-the-shower, on the way to their next job. The common ground? It’s always somehow low-key cool, sexy, and never, never overthought.

Model off duty hair is one of our favorite trendy styles for one big reason: It works with your natural hair texture to create tousled yet defined waves. Ready to try out this look for yourself? Read on to learn more about how to recreate this trendy, tousled hairstyle today.

Model Off Duty Hair: How to Get The Look

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It can work on bobs too. Photo credit:

1. Wash in some volume.

You want your model off duty hair to look voluminous, but not like you tried too hard. This means most volume adding techniques are out. Instead, look to your shampoo for a major boost in volume that doesn’t look fake. We love Bed Head By TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Shampoo and Conditioning Jelly work to add weightless volume to your hair.

2. Air-dry for natural texture.

To get the best version of model off duty hair, we suggest air-drying your hair after conditioning. Disclaimer: Results can vary depending on the season, so best to know tips for air-drying your hair during warmer months and tips for air-drying hair in the winter.

3. Heat style in small sections.

To amp up your air-dried style and transform it into model off duty hair, you’ll need to selectively heat-style. Start by misting your hair with Dove Hair Therapy 7-in-1 Miracle Mist to shield your hair from heat damage. For straighter hair textures, use a large-barrel curling iron to add random loose curls throughout your tresses. For curlier textures, use a flat iron to lightly (as in, not totally clamped down tight) loosen curls in small sections.

4. Tousle your hair.

Let your hair cool, then tousle and run your fingers through each spiral it to break it up and soften the curls. Use your fingers to create a piecey texture and a loose, diffused hair parting.

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Not one for a part? Slap on a dad hat and call it a day. Photo credit:

5. Set your style.

When you have your hair styled to your liking, make sure your look won’t fall flat. Lightly mist your hair with Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray. It helps add shine to your hair, set your style and keep your look touchably soft. This is so important for model off duty hair, which is all about casual-cool!

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