12 of Our Favorite Glasses and Hairstyles Combos

Get some frames that complement your hairdos.

For a lot of people with less-than-perfect vision, wearing glasses is part of who they are. As such, their eyewear probably factors in a lot when it comes to figuring out the rest of their look, including their hair. If you’re one of these bespectacled beauties, you probably want a hairstyle that complemented the color, size and general coolness of your frames, as well as one that works with your hair type. Sounds like a tall order? It really doesn’t have to be, but we get that finding the right look for your hair, frames and facial structure can be tricky indeed. To help you out, we’re sharing 12 of our favorite glasses and hairstyles combinations that are modern, on-trend and hey, also super cute.

Glasses and Hairstyles Combos That Totally Work

glasses and hairstyles on natural hair
Embrace your natural hair with a thin frame. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Natural Hair + Wide Frames

We are all about embracing your natural hair texture, and just love how these wide frames compliment this easy, breezy hairstyle. Opt for frames that are circular and just above the eyebrow to channel some street style vibes.

glasses and hairstyles hipster look
Williamsburg-ready. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Messy Half-Up Hairstyle + Trendy Frames

If checking out the latest styles is the name of your game, you’ll want a trendy frame to match. Opt for something a little funkier, like these oval frames, that look pretty fierce when paired up with a messy half-up hairstyle.

glasses and hairstyles wide frames
A defining frame is a great way to draw attention to your hair.

3. Straight Hair + Defining Frame

Throwback alert! These ’90s-inspired frames are all about the wide and colorful rims that everyone from celebs to models used to proudly adorn. Pair this look with a blowout (either DIY or via a blowdry bar) for a modern update. Make sure to use some serum, like Suave Professional Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum, to tame any post-blowout flyaways.

glasses and hairstyles pulled back
Cool and on-point, this style combines easy with a trendy frame. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Pulled Back Hair + Circular Frame

You’re a low-maintenance gal in a high-maintenance world. We feel you, and know you want your hair to be simple and fuss-free. Opt for an easy updo with a circular hippie-inspired frame to showcase your laid-back vibes with a bit of style. Extra points if you leave out some wispy pieces of hair.

glasses and hairstyles with bangs
Bangs and glasses can work! Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

5. Bangs + Oval-Rimmed Frames

Bangs and glasses are the perfect marriage of quirky trends. We love this combo, especially with the trendy micro fringe look that falls right above the eyebrow.

glasses and hairstyles high pony
High, carefree ponytails are like our favorite thing, ever.

6. High Pony + Black Frames

For those with a whole lotta hair, consider going for a simple style, like a high pony. This will help accentuate your face while also showing off your killer frames.

glasses and hairstyles with a bun
Show off your frames and awesome hair with a simple bun.

7. Bun + Circular Black Frames

Bun life forever, right? We love how buns and frames can look so carefree and smart at the same time. To achieve, pull your hair up into this classic hairstyle, wipe your frames and go about your day. It really doesn’t get any better (or easier) than that!

glasses and hairstyles pixie
Glasses and Hairstyles: A rectangular frame gives power to the pixie!

8. Pixie + Tortoiseshell Frames

There are so many variations of the pixie cut, but this stacked look is one of our favorites. Pair it with some rectangular tortoiseshell frames, and you’ll be looking fierce in a flash.

glasses and hairstyles wavy natural
Embrace your waves and rock those classic frames at the same time.

9. Wavy Hair + Wide Frames

Embrace those mermaid hair vibes by scrunching some sea salt, like Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, onto your damp hair. A flattering frame completes this beach-friendly look.

glasses and hairstyles lob
Easy hairstyles should be paired with a bold frame.

10. Lob + Rectangle Frames

A variation on the look above, this one is all about rocking a shorter length. Paired with a rectangular frame, we love how this laid-back style is accentuated with this dark, bold frame. Corporate-casual at its finest!

glasses and hairstyles thin frames
Tight curls and thin frames look so fierce.

11. Tight Curls+ Thin, Rectangle Frame

For those with polished, defined curls, consider a thinner frame. We love how the thinner frame allows your curls to take centerstage as you sport a modern hairstyle.

glasses and hairstyles with bold frames
A bold frame is always a good idea. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

12. Funky Glasses + Pulled-Back Hair

And to round out this bunch of fun glasses and hairstyles combos, we can’t forget our precious sunnies! While you may have your quintessential pair that you faithfully wear, consider going for something a little bold this spring, such as a pair of funky sunglasses teamed with bold hair accessories. Opt for a pulled-back hairstyle, like a bun or low ponytail, allowing your fashion-forward self to shine.

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