Amber Fillerup Clark Launches Barefoot Blonde Hair

Serena Norr | 09 December 2016
Barefoot Blonde hair extensions

Extensions are so hot right now!

Amber Fillerup Clark, Internet-darling and Barefoot Blonde Founder, recently launched an exciting new company with Barefoot Blonde Hair, a line of premium clip-in hair extensions.

Known for her signature braids and hair tutorials, Barefoot Blonde Hair will allow women to replicate Clark’s signature locks with high quality clip-in hair extensions. Perfect for everyday wear, Barefoot Blonde Hair features 20 colors, including ombre hair, platinum blonde to black licorice.

“I have worn clip-in extensions since high school, but always felt the market was lacking quality extensions at an affordable price,” explained Clark. “Barefoot Blonde Hair was inspired to fill this gap and enable my readers to easily replicate my hairstyles and see how much fun hair can be!”

To better learn about extensions and the new line, we chatted with Clark who gave us the lowdown on this awesome new venture!

Barefoot Blonde Hair: Interview with Amber Fillerup Clark 

Barefoot Blonde Hair: Interview with Amber Fillerup Clark
Achieve long and strong hair by rocking extension as seen from the Barefoot Blonde Hair line.

All Things Hair: How did the idea for Barefoot Blonde Hair come about?

Amber Fillerup Clark: I have worn clip-in extensions since high school, but always felt the market was lacking quality extensions at an affordable price. Barefoot Blonde Hair was inspired to fill this gap and enable my readers to easily replicate my hairstyles and see how much fun hair can be!

All Things Hair: What kind of hair type can use extensions?

Amber Fillerup Clark: The great thing about using extensions made out of 100% human Remy hair is that you are able to heat style them. This opens up opportunities for a lot of different hair types! So whether you have fine, thick or wavy hair, clip-ins can easily be styled to blend with your natural hair. I’ve found that people order them for different reasons. Some people want to add length or thickness while others want to play around with color by experimenting with an ombre shade.

Barefoot Blonde Hair packaging
Gorgeous packaging from Barefoot Blonde Hair.

All Things Hair: What are some of your tips for someone using extensions for the first time?

Amber Fillerup Clark: I would say if they aren’t blending to try curling your hair! Extensions blend better when the hair is curled and all the ends can blend together. It’s also important to not clip your extensions too close to your part line because you don’t want them to show 😉 I try to stay about three or four inches from my part line but my hair is really thin. The thicker your hair the closer you can get to your part line because you will have more hair to cover the clips!

If you need to cut your extensions or have questions on color and proper styling, I always recommend speaking with your hair stylist first! They are the experts for cutting and color matching you since they work with you frequently. When in doubt, leave it in the hands of the professional!

All Things Hair: How do you take care of extensions?

Amber Fillerup Clark: There are a lot of things you can do!

1. Don’t sleep in them. I am not sure what it is but sleeping in them somehow takes a toll on them! I swear sometimes I will get lazy and sleep in mine and I wake up and the ends are kinked or tangled! Again I have no idea what causes it – if it’s the rolling side to side or just being laid on or what but something happens and it ain’t pretty!

2. Braid them. If you do sleep in them which I totally do a lot of times because I am l-a-z-y…be sure to braid them all the way down to the very ends to avoid tangling.

3. Be gentle with them and get a good brush. I love the Wet Brush. Don’t rip through them – start at the bottom and work your way up and just be gentle! Also, never comb your extensions when they are wet.

4. Don’t wash them as often. Because the wefts are not absorbing natural oils from your scalp, you don’t need to wash your extensions very often. I recommend washing them about every 20 wears, but you may be able to go even longer depending on how much product you use on them (the less product, the less you need to wash them).

5. Say no to bon fires. Just no. Well, you can say yes but don’t you even think about wearing your extensions to them. They will reek of campfire!

6. Avoid high heat. I do recommend wearing extensions curled as it allows them to blend well. However, try to minimize how frequently you use heat tools on them because like normal hair, heat is damaging. When you do use heat tools, I recommend applying a heat protecting spray beforehand. You shouldn’t ever use a blow dryer though. Instead just let your extensions air dry by laying each weft side-by-side on a dry towel (this will likely creep out your family, friends, or significant other).

7. Store them. When you aren’t wearing your extensions, store them with care, always in a dry place (preferably inside a flat box or clean toiletry bag). Each set of Barefoot Blonde Hair comes with a sturdy box, with the perfect amount of space for storing them. I recommend brushing your extensions before storing so all of the strands are straight and untangled.

8. A good rule of thumb is to treat your extensions like you do your own hair!

All Things Hair: What are your favorite extension colors to try?

Amber Fillerup Clark: I wear the color Barefoot Blonde (16/22) although I used to wear Sandy Blonde (18/22) and this set matches a very wide variety of blondes. I especially like Sandy Blonde when I get low lights put in my hair. Honey Butter (16) also matches my hair! Blonde colors are pretty versatile! In my opinion it is ALWAYS BETTER TO GO DARKER than lighter. Here are a few tips but it really is up to your own discretion. Check out this color matching guide I made for Barefoot Blonde Hair.

All Things Hair: Where do you typically place extensions? Any tips on how to place them?

Amber Fillerup Clark: For just wearing your hair down, I like to go layer by layer. I start by pinning up the top layer of my hair, then clip-in two wefts on top of each other. I have this quick YouTube tutorial video for clip-in extensions, which is a great place to start for beginners!

Each set of Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions is available exclusively at and is handmade with 100% remy hair, silky lace wefts for optimum comfort, and latex lined u-tip pressure clips to allow secure and comfortable wear all day. All sets retail for $194.99, are 21 inches and contain 10 wefts (160 grams) providing enough hair for a full, voluminous head of hair.

You can learn more about Amber’s happenings at and on Instagram @AmberFillerup.

For more information and to view the full opening collection of Barefoot Blonde Hair visit

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