Introducing the fresh new way to relieve symptoms of dandruff: RE-fresh Scalp Care is dedicated to changing the way women care for their scalp, tackling current anti-dandruff solutions that don’t address our diverse sensorial preferences and scalp needs. RE-fresh Scalp Care aims to transform your anti-dandruff regime from a mundane chore into a delightful, pampering experience. With four unique collections and anti-dandruff formulas infused with salicylic acid, RE-fresh Scalp Care products will have you leaving your shower feeling fresh, fragrant and ready for your day.

Stuck dealing with pesky dandruff? RE-fresh is a new way to relieve your symptoms. The products are changing the way women think about scalp care and helping them tackle scalp issues like dandruff.

RE-fresh transforms your anti-dandruff regime from a boring task to an enjoyable routine you look forward too. With four collections all formulated with salicylic acid, you’ll be conquering your day feeling fresh and confident.