15 Best Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas for 2020

You'll never have a bad hair day again with these top ponytail picks!

We all our fave go-to hairstyle that we rock on a regular basis (or every day) and if yours just so happens to be a ponytail, you’ll be pleased to know there is no one way to wear this updo.

Whether you wrap it or stack it, we’ve shortlisted 15 ways you can up your hair game with a ponytail hairstyle. So if you’re stuck in a style rut or simply love ponytail hairstyles, scroll on for all the hair inspiration you’ll need.


1. Scarf wrapped

Woman with brown long hair in low ponytail wrapped with a red headscarf.
Make your hair your best accessory. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Get the runway look loved by street stylers and bloggers alike by wrapping your fave headscarf around the lengths of your ponytail for an instant high-fashion style update.

Style tip: Secure your headscarf with a bobby pin to prevent it unravelling.


2. Twisted

woman with blonde hair and ombre ponytail
Source: Shutterstock

Get the best of both worlds with this twisted ponytail hairstyle – the simplicity of a ponytail with the elegance of an updo. Not only does this hairstyle look beautiful but it’s also great for day 2 hair.


3. Wavy waterfall

woman with a wavy ponytail
Source: Adobe Stock

Whether you have naturally wavy hair or you’ve used a little help from a curling iron, we suggest channelling this high ponytail for a casual day with the girls.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray - product image

Editor’s tip: We suggest spritzing the lengths of your ponytail with a texturising spray to give it more of a tousled finish. We love the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray for creating texture and natural movement with a light hold.


4. Rope pony

Long brown hair in rope twist ponytail backstage at sportmax ss16.
Your ponytail game will be strong with this twisted ‘do. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Style queens Shay Mitchell and Kate Bosworth are already huge fans of this runway look and we think you will be too once you find out how incredibly easy it is to create.

Get the look by splitting your ponytail in half so that you have 2 equal sections. Take both sections and twist the hair until you reach the ends. Follow by wrapping your 2 twisted sections around each other before securing them at the end with another hairband.


5. Braided pony

woman with braids tied in a ponytail hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Add some interest to your ponytail with loads of braids. For an even more eye-catching look, add a pop of colour to your braids.


6. Bubble

woman with bubble ponytails
Source: Shutterstock

Create this high-impact look in a matter of minutes – yes really!

To get that desired bubbled effect start by creating your ponytail and then every few inches down the lengths add a hair elastic until you reach the ends. You can then pancake your bubbles for a more plumped finish.


7. Rapunzel

woman with a long ponytail
Source: Adobe Stock

Waist-length hair is something many of us can only dream of. But if you don’t have it, that doesn’t have to stop you rocking this ponytail. Simple pop on an extension.


8. Stacked

Woman with long dark brown hair in stacked ponytail updo with strapless dress.
Triple stacked ponytails will earn you style points. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

What’s better than one ponytail, three. Ponytail ideas like this stacked style are great for updating your hair wardrobe.


9. 90s inspired

woman with a long wavy ponytail
Source: Adobe Stock

Give a nod to the ’90s with this ponytail updo. Start by smoothing all your hair into a high ponytail. For the signature ’90s curtained fringe finish, frame your face with two locks of hair. Use a straightener or curling iron to curl the ends.

TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray_front image_400ml_product image

Editor’s tip: To keep your style in place we suggest using a firm hold hairspray like the TRESemmé Firm Hold Styling Hairspray. This hairspray is fast drying, will protect your hair from humidity, and keep flyaways at bay for up to 24 hours.


10. Unicorn

Woman with brown hair in low ponytail with unicorn braid down the middle.
Because who doesn’t want to be a unicorn.

Unicorns are a hot trend, haven’t you heard? From covering our phone cases to our cosmetic bags, the unicorn hairstyle is buzzing on Instagram and we’re so here for it.

Get the look by creating a single cornrow braid down the centre of your hair, secure the look with a hairband at the base.


11. Feeling young

woman with pigtails hairstyle and two ribbons
Source: Adobe Stock

Summer days long for this double bow pigtail hairdo. After all, whoever said this look is only for kids? Dress up your hair with big hair bows at the top of your pigtails.


12. Braided

Kaia Gerber with brown hair in low ponytail braid in backstage runway image wearing a yellow blazer.
Now, this hairstyle means business. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Looking for the perfect ponytail hairstyle for an interview or business meeting? Then this ponytail braid will be perfect.

For the runway look, add a leather band (or a strip of ribbon) around the base of your ponytail.

Editor’s tip: For long-lasting smoothness use TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray. Spray evenly over blow-dried hair and brush through. For an added boost of shine, spray whilst blow-drying with cold air.


13. Chic finish

woman with ponytail hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Disguise your hairband by wrapping a piece of hair from your ponytail around the band, securing with a bobby pin. This little change in detail can make a huge difference to ponytail styles.


14. Puff ponytail

woman with a high puff ponytail
Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re looking for ponytail hair ideas that will stand out from the crowd, you’ll appreciate this updo. Embrace your natural hair for a striking hair statement.


15. Loose braided

woman with a loose braided hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Rounding up our top ponytail ideas is this side-swept updo. For a cool and casual ponytail, we suggest trying out this loose and undone style.



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