Stylish Medium Braids That Are Trending

When it comes to getting braids that fit your personal style and what you can manage, size matters. Why do we say this? Well, if you think about it this way, unlike jumbo braids, small and medium braids have a much lighter weight on your head. Some people can’t stand the weight of heavy braids, and truth be told, while they look amazing, getting them done may interfere with your snooze time. Try these braids out while you’re spending more time at home to decide if they’re the look for you.

Scroll below to see the fabulous styles that will make you want to get this size of braids in an instant! Practice them at home and get ready to wear these styles post-quarantine.


Blonde bun

Woman with blonde braided bun
Source: Unsplash

The bun is one of the simplest styles to do with medium braids. Gently gather your braids into a ponytail and then wrap them around the base and pin in place.


Touch of green

Women with green braids in a bun
Source: Unsplash

Want something funky? Use some green braiding hair to add a pop of colour into your style.


Super long braids

Women with long braided hair
Source: Unsplash

What we love about these is that they always look fabulous, even when you keep it simple and just wear your hair down.

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Coffee brown medium braids

Coffee brown braided hair
Source: Unsplash

Swoop your hair over your forehead to create this stylish look. Pair it up with a statement earring for a dressed-up look, or dress it down with simple accessories.


Side-swept medium braids

Side swept hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Make a #hairstatement with a jumbo bun. This style is super easy to create with medium braids. Wrap your braids into a sleek bun and use hairpins to lock in place.


Short medium braids

Women with short medium braids
Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re looking to make a statement with your short braids, you can do so with beads.


Half-up medium braids

Women with blonde braid top knot
Source: Unsplash

To recreate this trendy half-up look, part your hair from ear to ear and gather your top half of hair into a bun.

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Icy white braids

Women with icy white braided bun
Source: Unsplash

Inspired by the unicorn hair trend but not into getting so many colours? Stick to one. This white style is the perfect delight, and a subtle nod to unicorn hair.


Knotless braids

Woman with knotless medium braids
Source: Unsplash

Knotless braids are a great option to get this trendy look while also avoiding tension at your roots. This medium braids hairstyle is a definite winner.


Medium braids for the gym

Medium braids for the gym
Source: Adobe Stock

Whether you have micro, small, medium or jumbo braids, they all work for the gym. Pull your hair back into this protective gym-friendly style and break a sweat!


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