5 boujee hairstyles inspired by the Real Housewives of Joburg and Durban

After successful first seasons, the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) and the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) both returned with a second season. And we’ll admit, the shows are definitely a guilty pleasure for some of us…

Each show and episode is packed with drama, lavish lifestyles and of course fabulous fashion (including the hair!). So what better place to look for extravagant styles than the Real Housewives? Read on as we take you through our top 5 boujee hairstyles inspired by the Real Housewives of Joburg and Durban.


1. Glamorous long waves

Real Housewives: Glamorous waves
Source: Canva

Whether it’s long glam curls or a bright wavy wig, the Real Housewives love volume and length. Christall and Lejoy from RHOJ and, Nonku and Sorisha from RHOD are just a few of these fabulous ladies that love this boujee look.

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2. High pony with accessories

High ponytail with rose accessories
Source: Pexels

A standout stunner hairstyle inspired by the Real Housewives is this high pony with accessories. Mrs Mops served this look in the Season 2 Reunion of RHOJ and we couldn’t help but love it. To make this style your own, switch it up with your favourite hair chain, flowers or metallic clips.


3. Golden curls

Real Housewives: Golden curls hairstyle
Source: Pexels

Rocked by Annie and Nonku from RHOD — these big, bold, golden curls are a look worth trying. The honey- gold colour makes the curls pop and gives the hairstyle a rich, warm feel.

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4. Hooded headscarf

Woman wearing a hooded headscarf hairstyle
Source: Pexels

When we think boujee jet setter this look definitely comes to mind. Worn by Londie from the RHOD, it’s no surprise that this headscarf hairstyle and shades combo is a Real Housewives’ go-to. It oozes old-school Hollywood glam and is super simple to recreate — just don’t forget those big shades!


5. Fabulous updos

Real Housewives: Fabulous updo hairstyles
Source: Canva

We know our Real Housewives of SA love to host and attend events — from fancy, fine dining dinner parties to red carpet events. The ladies know how to zhoosh things up, with some of our fave updo hairstyles coming from these event. Big bouffants, royal buns and other intricate updos are some of the most boujee and fabulous hairstyles that we’ve seen.


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