Good vibes only: Gemini hairstyles for the zodiac Twins

Known for their energy, curiosity and their dual personality, Gemini is definitely one of the most interesting zodiac signs. Some people think their dual personality makes them hard to handle, but they’re really just super adaptable, fun-loving souls who also have a bit of a serious side — not that they often show that side! So, we’ve put together some of the best hairstyles for this unique personality. Keep scrolling for some Gemini hairstyle inspiration.


Space Buns

gemini hairstyles: Woman with brown hair and space buns hairstyle
Source: AdobeStock

Fun, flirty and there’s two of them — nothing says “Gemini” more than Space Buns! So of course we had to include this one right at the top of our list of Gemini hairstyles.


Peek-a-boo colours

woman with her hair tied up into a bun, with the bottom half of her hair dyed royal blue
Source: Unsplash

If you’re a Gemini, you’re probably super fun to be around, and all your friends know there’s more to you than meets the eye! Which is why we love this look for you.

To get this look, simply dye the hair at the nape of your neck a fun shade. You could also add streaks if you don’t want a solid colour.


Half-and-half colours

gemini hairstyles: woman with very long braids; the left half of the braids are royal blue and the right half are bright pink
Source: Unsplash

As a Gemini, it makes sense that you might want to be more bold with your colours. So if the previous look was a bit too low-key, try out this dual-coloured look. If we’re being honest, this is definitely one of our favourite Gemini hairstyles.

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Pixie cut

gemini hairstyles: woman with a sleek short pixie style haircut with a fringe
Source: AdobeStock

Cute, sexy, edgy or fun — you can wear your pixie however you want. And that’s what makes this Gemini hairstyle so great: it really reflects the different sides to the Gemini personality. If there’s anyone who can pull off this look, it’s a Gemini.


Undone waves

gemini hairstyles: woman with long sleek wavy dark hair
Source: Shutterstock

As busy social butterflies, this zodiac sign might not have time to put a whole lot of effort into their hair styling, so they tend to need low-maintenance Gemini hairstyles. We recommend some tousled, fluffy waves either cut in a lob or left to grow out. These lengths of hair make it super easy to maintain and style, whether you’re creating heatless waves or using heat.

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Bright pink

woman with a long bob hairstyle dyed bubblegum pink
Source: AdobeStock

Nothing says impulsive, fun and full of energy like bright pink hair… which makes this a perfect Gemini hairstyle. You could also try different shades of pink, like this vibrant pastel pink.



focus on long wavy brown hair; the top half dyed dark brown that fades into a light brown from halfway to the ends
Source: AdobeStock

If you’re trying to be a bit more subtle with your Gemini hairstyles, try out an ombré. This look will be far easier to rock in corporate environments, so you can embrace your twin spirit even at work.


Lots of braids

woman with very long braids
Source: AdobeStock

Braids can be fun and chic at the same time, and they’re always trending. So whether you opt for loose braids, cornrows or any other type of braids, this look is a winner.


Long, sleek hair

gemini hairstyles: woman with very long, sleek dark hair
Source: AdobeStock

The zodiac Twins are not just energetic, they’re chic and stylish. Super long, sleek hair would look outstanding on any Gemini, making this a go-to Gemini hairstyle. Style it with a middle path for a more classic look, or stick with a side path for that chic vibe.

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Something blue

gemini hairstyles: woman with short blue hair with an undercut on the left side
Source: AdobeStock

Gemini is an air sign, so a shade of blue (or two!) would represent this sign well. Blue is a great option for the more “chilled” Geminis out there — it’s a lot more chilled than the more OTT colours we’ve shown above.

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