Weekend Hairstyles: 7 Hairstyles We Love for the Weekend

After a long week of waking up early and getting ready every morning, you’re ready to just chill out. No-fuss simple weekend hairstyles are just what we’re in the market for. Whether that means a glammed up pony, choppy bangs or the addition of a scarf, we’re all about effortless beauty for the weekend. Here are a few weekend hairstyles we love:


Thick, Low Ponytail

Woman with thick low ponytail
Source: Unsplash

Oftentimes the work week calls for carefully constructed and professional styles. When the weekend comes rolling in, it’s time you give your hair a break. Enter: the low pony. Low ponytails are a great hairstyle option for the weekend since they add some depth to your hair without having to do all that much work.


Natural Curls

Natural hair with curls
Source: Unsplash

If you’re looking for the ultimate quick do, then you better let your curls hang free. Let your hair down and wear it big this weekend and show off those stunning curls.


Braided Messy Bun

Women with braided messy bun
Source: Unsplash

Messy buns are an essential weekend ‘do. What better way to peace out from a long work week than tying up your hair like you just don’t care? Embrace your messy hair but take it up a notch with an inverted braid. To go with the flow of the messy look, simply lightly tug your braid for a more undone, but totally intentional look.

Editor’s tip: This look is intricate. Keep it in place with VO5 Mega Hold Styling Mousse so you can enjoy your day with one less thing to think about.


Braided Top Knot

Women with long braided hair and a braided top knot
Source: Unsplash

Think of it as a party in the front and laid-back business in the back. Whether you want one, two or three braids leading into your half-up bun, this is one of those hairstyles that is sure to turn heads while keeping your hair perfectly in place and out of your face throughout the weekend.


Headscarf Updo

Women with natural hair wearing a blue scarf around her head
Source: Unsplash

Forget the headband and say hello to the headscarf! This super soft alternative to other traditional hair accessories will automatically give your weekend look a super casual boho vibe.


Straight Hair, Don’t Care

Woman with straight blonde hair
Source: Unsplash

This is for all the straight-haired ladies who find themselves constantly under the heat of blowdryers and curling wands to create stunning workday hairstyles. let your tresses take a break this weekend by allowing your locks to rock their natural look.


Top Knot

Side profile of woman wearing top knot
Source: Unsplash

Not in the mood to deal with your hair at all weekend? That’s cool. Why not opt for a super sleek top knot to keep your look totally hands-free all day long.

Editor’s tip: Don’t let flyaways spoil your top knot. Rather keep it top notch with VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray for a long-lasting fabulous look.


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