The Cancer Zodiac: The best looks for this caring sign

The Cancer zodiac sign is known as one of the most emotional signs. People who fall under this water sign are usually caring, empathetic, protective and intuitive. There’s no doubt that these lovely peeps deserve only the best hairdos. But what hairstyle would best suit a Cancerian? We’ve put together a list of our top options to try out, keep reading for inspo for Cancer-inspired hairstyles.


Soft bob

Cancer zodiac: woman with a wispy bob hairstyle with the ends curled in slightly
Source: AdobeStock

Characterised by its wispy strands and rounded cut, this bob haircut has a “soft” look that emphasises the gentle nature of the Cancer zodiac sign.


Wavy high ponytail

Cancer zodiac: woman with dark wavy hair tied up into a high ponytail
Source: Unsplash

Loyal to their core, Cancerians are known to be romantics who prioritise their relationships. And there’s just something about a wavy high ponytail that looks so romantic, which makes it perfect for this sign.


Pearl accessories

Cancer zodiac: woman with natural hair tied up into a high puff hairstyle with oversized pearl clip-on hair accessories
Source: Unsplash

Pearls are a classic accessory with a refined, feminine and vintage vibe. They’re also from the ocean – home of the crab sign. Incorporate pearl accessories into your hairstyles for a subtle “Cancer” touch.

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Blue crop

Cancer zodiac: woman in water with her hair and eyes showing; her hair is cut into a very short pixie cut with a cropped fringe and dyed blue
Source: Unsplash

Nothing says “water sign” more than blue hair. Combined with a pixie cut with a cropped fringe, this colour will stand out in the best way. After all, nobody ever said the Cancer zodiac sign can’t be bold.

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Dark brown

woman with long dark brown hair with medium brown hightlights
Source: Unsplash

Grounded, dependable and warm — these are colours you could use to describe Cancerians or the colour brown. So we definitely say this colour would be a great option for this zodiac sign. Add warm caramel highlights to create dimension with your strands.


Beaded braids

woman with long braids with beads at the end of each braid
Source: Unsplash

Speaking of dependable, braids are some of the best low-maintenance hairstyles a Cancer zodiac sign could go for. And they always look good, no matter the occasion. Add some beads to the ends of your braids for a creative flair.


Funky ‘fro

Cancer zodiac: woman with natural 4C hair styled into an afro with a middle path and a fringe
Source: Unsplash

Another great personality trait of the Cancer zodiac sign is their imagination and creativity. Let it shine with a beautifully styled afro. We absolutely love this fluffed out ‘fro with a curly fringe.


Half-up waves

woman with long wavy brown hair, tied into a half-up knot hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

Be true to the gentle nature of the Cancer zodiac sign with soft waves. This half-up look creates an approachable and friendly appearance and is bound to look great wherever you are.


Blunt lob

Cancer zodiac: woman with blunt-cut shoulder-length hair with a full, blunt fringe
Source: Unsplash

If you mess with a Cancerian or their loved ones, their protective nature will come out in force. People who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign might be sweet and kind, but they’re also protective and bold when it’s needed. Show this side of your personality with a blunt-cut lob with a full fringe.


Natural curls

Cancer zodiac: woman with shoulder length brown, naturally curly hair
Source: Unsplash

Empathetic and focused on others, people with this zodiac tend to have a “girl next door” vibe. Emphasise this effortlessly chic vibe by embracing your natural curls and coils.

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