Be the mane attraction with these lively Leo hairstyles

Leo season is upon us and we want to dedicate some stunning styles to one of the most loyal, creative, down-to-earth, and incredibly charming zodiac signs.

To inspire your season’s style we’ve put together some Leo inspired hairstyles that will leave you feeling like the ‘mane’ attraction. From bold curls to voluminous updos, Leos can rock so many hairstyles with poise and ease. Check them out below.


1. Curly Faux Hawk

Leo hairstyles: Curly faux hawk
Source: Canva

Big, bold and proud. This lively Leo look will give you height and show off your natural curls. To create the look, all you need are some firm bobby pins or a banana clip and a wide tooth comb. Comb your curls up on each side of your head and secure in place with your pins or clips until your hair forms a mohawk shape.

To keep your curls in place and your sides sleek, apply some of the TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse before and after creating your faux hawk.


2. Warm Highlights

Leo hairstyles: Warm highlights
Source: Unsplash

Add some sun-kissed highlights to give your hair a beautiful glow. Leo’s are ruled by the sun, so these warm, golden toned highlights fit perfectly with their energy.

TRESemmé Botanic Moisture & Replenish Rich Oil Mist

To give your newly highlighted hair nourishment and shine, lightly spritz your hair with some of the TRESemmé Botanic Nourish & Replenish Rich Oil Mist.


3. Gold Accessories

Elaborate gold hair accessories
Source: Unsplash

Leo signs are often attracted to gold — which screams royalty and luxury. A simple, but effective way to upgrade any hairstyle is to add your fave gold hair accessories to the look. Whether it be some gold pins, clips or even a more elaborate headband.


4. Voluminous Half Pony

Leo hairstyles: Voluminous ponytail

Another bold hairstyle to try is a voluminous half up ponytail. Leo’s are standout people, so their hair should be too. Separate your hair into a top and bottom section, tying the top section into a high ponytail and leaving the bottom section loose.

For some added volume, prep your hair with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. This will give your hair a fuller, more bouncy look and feel.


5. Pastel Waves

Leo hairstyles: Pastel pink curls and waves
Source: Pexels

Another colour inspired look that’s bound to make you the ‘mane’ attraction is this pastel style. This look allows you to express your creativity by customising your pastel shade. Plus its eye-catching and will let you show off your long Leo waves or curls.


6. Bold Curls

Bold curls hairstyle
Source: Pexels

If you’re a Leo that wants to embrace their inner lion, you have to show off your luscious mane in a bold way. And what better way than through a beautiful afro, voluminous natural curls or glam heat-styled curls. Not only do curls make you look regal, but they are so so versatile.

To keep your curls happy and looking their best, a leave-in product is key. The Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment will protect, condition and moisturise your hair, with great ingredients like coconut milk, argan oil and sweet almond oil.

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