13 Bobby Pin Hairstyles You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less

Our beloved bobby pins have been a tried and true favourite hair accessory since we were kids. No matter your hair texture or length, you can always get creative with a handful of bobby pins. So much so that we make sure to keep a few in our bags at all times. And there are actually tons of other really cool bobby pin hairstyles that go way beyond their functional appeal. Everything from updo’s to side hairstyles, we’re on the ball with the bobby pin hairstyle trend. Here’s our top 14 bobby pin ‘do’s to suit your hairstyle desires.


1. Half-Up Bobby Pin Style

half up bobby pins hairstyles
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While we adore the half-up look, we are always looking for ways to mix up that classic look. Using long bobby pins, you can create a similar look. After you brush your hair, gather hair from the crown and secure with an elastic. Smooth a piece of hair over one side and pin down, then smooth over another piece of hair from the other side and use bobby pins to secure. Repeat this process two more times, each below the other.

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2. Dramatic Side with Bobby Pins

woman withb long brown hair and bobby pins hairstyle
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You may have just found your new party hairstyle of the season with this one. Brush out your hair and grab a section of your hair from your preferred side and place medium-to-large bobby pins in your hair in a neat row. Start at the front and work your way around, creating a slight curve as you go along.

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3. Bobby pins to the side

woman with long brown hair in a high ponytail and bobby pins
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If you have long bangs or hair that always falls in your face, you’re probably already using bobby pins to help you out. Take that look a step further by sweeping your hair to one side and then placing a collection of small bobby pins to hold it together. We love how the tight grouping of bobby pins almost looks like one big hair accessory. These bobby pins hairstyles look particularly stunning with the classic high ponytail or those summer wavy looks you might be eyeing-out.


4. Criss-Crossed Bobby Pins

bobby pins hairstyle criss crossed on the side of hair
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Another take on the updo involves the crisscrossed method for bobby pins. Brush your hair and take two pieces from each side towards the back of your head. Each mini section will get two small bobby pins – place each pin in the opposite direction to create this look, forming a criss-cross pattern. Follow this pattern throughout your entire head for a stunning look that’s bound to turn heads.


5. Easy Top Knot

woman with a high top knot
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Top knots are the go-to low maintenance style that can be easily created with the help of some bobby pins. To get the look, start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail that sits on the top of your head. Then, use your bobby pins to pin and tuck your pony into a top knot bun.

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6. Try a Twist

twist bobby hairstyles
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A twist works on any hair type and most lengths, and it gives your hair a sophisticated look in under 5 minutes. To achieve this style, Sweep the top half of your hair to one side and pin down. Twist the other side in a roll and place over the pins. Use your bobby pins to secure your twist into place. Tie the rest with a small elastic.


7. Experiment with Victory Rolls

woman with dark blonde hair in victory rolls hairstyle
Source: Shutterstock

If you are all about retro beauty looks, victory rolls is a fun and quirky style that can be created with, yup, you guessed it – bobby pins! To get the look, separate the sections of the hair you plan to roll from the rest of your hair. Next, begin to simply loop the ends of each desired section, and roll up to form your victory roll style. Use your bobby pins to pin and secure your look into place.


8. Dress-up a Side Part

woman with medium length light brown wavy hair with bobby pins accessories
Source: Shutterstock

We side with the side part! Bobby pins can be used to create dramatic accents in the hair. To get the look, use a wide-tooth comb to create a part on the side of the hair. To play up your part, stack your pins together to create a sassy finish. Add accessorised pins for even more pizzazz!

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9. Try a Retro ’50s Look

woman with dark blonde hair and half up hairstyle bouffant
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Just like victory rolls, a retro ‘50s bouffant looks stunning on medium and long hair lengths. To form your bouffant, use a comb to backcomb the hair into a lifted style. Be sure to use bobby pins to secure your look. Give it a modern twist by allowing the bottom half of your hair to hang loose, straight and sleek.

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10. Create a Faux Bob

woman creating a faux bob hairstyle
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If you want to create an easy short bobby pin hairstyle, check out our full tutorial on how to create a faux bob.

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11. Try a Finger Wave

woman with finger waves hairstyle
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Finger waves are another great option for bobby pin hairstyles, as they give short and medium lengths that fun, flapper-inspired style. To get the look, use a good styling gel to create your finger waves. Use embellished pins to keep your style in place.


12. Half-Up Wavy Style

half up hairstyle
Source: Shutterstock

Your wavy hairstyle is bound to stay put with the addition of bobby pins. We particularly love this look in a half-up style where you can get your hair out of your face while still accentuating your wavy hair.

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13. Milkmaid Braid

woman with a milkmaid braid
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We are all about braided bobby pin hairstyles and the milkmaid braid is up there as one of our favourites. Make sure you get a few pins that match your hair colour to securely hold your cool style in place.


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