Wax for pixie cut (piecey)

Hair Wax How To’s: What You Need To Know

Finding the best hair wax to keep a short hairstyle in place is not without its challenges. Between running around keeping pace with the stuff of life, to looking selfie-ready at every turn, your hair requires products that keep it looking fresh and groomed, but still retain the nuances of its style. Remember, quality hair wax is the little pixie cut’s last line of defence in keeping a good hair day. No longer just a guy thing, women have also been looking at hair wax to tame their short haircuts. Here’s how to use the best hair wax on any hairstyle.


What Makes the Best Hair Wax?

Wax for short hair
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Hair wax is a hair product with a paste, balm or clay-like formula optimum for creating texturized looks. Most hair waxes have a rubber-like consistency that enables you to restyle your hair during the day even after the product has “set” on your hair, making it one of the more versatile styling products out there. It doesn’t keep your hair locked in place in extreme conditions, but it does a great job of providing some stylish definition with natural-to-medium hold.


How to Style Hair Using the Best Hair Wax for Each Texture

Piecey Bangs

Wax for pixie cut (piecey)
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Using hair wax that’s been warmed on your palms, rake through some product on the tops of your hair, concentrating on the fringe. Create some piecey definition on your bangs while brushing them to one side to impart an edgy feel to your hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Add definition to your edgy look with VO5 Groomed Styling Wax to complete your rocking ‘do.


Volume, Curl or Lift

Wax for volume
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Creamy hair wax can also give a fluffy, slightly curly feel to any style, especially on styles that have a more rounded shape at the crown. After blowdrying hair into place, shake through some curl-defining cream, using your fingers in a front-to-back direction for a tousled, airy feel. Mat down the hair near your temples to refine the sides.

Toni & Guy High Definition Spray Wax - product image

Editor’s tip: If you want to maintain the slightly curly and fluffy look, try Toni & Guy High Definition Spray Wax. Scrunch up your tresses and be on your way!


Neat and Clean

Hair wax used for neat and clean look
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Just because your cut is wash-and-wear doesn’t mean you can’t play around with some texture. Cropped, gamine pixie cuts can benefit from some strategically-placed product on the back of their heads (to prevent cowlicks).  Rub a light-whipped hair wax onto your palms and mat down problem areas as desired.

Editor’s tip: To keep those flyaway’s grounded, try VO5 Extreme Style Matte Clay for a long-lasting and sleek look.


Side-Swept Glam

wax for creating side sweep
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Hairstyles with longer hair on the fringe area can be styled with the bangs sweetly parted to one side. For some hold and shine (and a bit of lift), start with a blowdrying lotion before blowdrying and finish with a tiny amount of hair wax balm distributed near the roots. Comb it through your strands in a downward motion using your fingers for some modern tousle.

Editor’s tip: To keep your bangs in place try VO5 Extreme Style Rework Putty for a long-lasting look.



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